Outlook Error 0x80040115: Effective solutions to Resolve

The Outlook Error 0x80040115 can occur due to multiple reasons. Here, we will discuss the most probable causes, for which you might encounter this issue. Some of those reasons are mentioned below.

  • When the user sends or receives email via Outlook application.
  • This issue can pop up when the protocols POP3 and SMTP fails while connecting to the server.
  • When the synchronization between the exchange and Outlook server are not proper.
  • Due to an incorrect password and username.
  • If the Outlook software suddenly quits.
  • Also, if the PST file gets corrupted or is oversized then this error can crop up.

In the next section, we will discuss the major symptoms through which you can recognize this problem.

Indicators of the Outlook Error 0x80040115

This section discusses the various symptoms of this glitch. After going through them you should get a fair idea of the symptoms of this Outlook error 0x80040115.

  • Sometimes the computer can hang or freeze.
  • Also, the machine can become very slow, thus its performance can degrade drastically.
  • The Outlook application does not open at all.

In the following section, you will get the answers for the Outlook error 0x80040115.

Ways To Resolve Outlook Error 0x80040115

In this section of the article, we provide you with easy steps that will help you to eradicate this issue quickly.

Method One

  1. First, hit ‘Windows + S’ to open the ‘Search’ box. Next, within the box, type control panel. Then, from the search results, choose the option ‘Control Panel’. This will show the window, that has a similar name as the chosen option.
  2. In the Control panel window, choose the Mail option. After that, click on the option ‘Show Profiles.’
  3. Next, choose the user profile with the administrative rights enabled. Right-click on it and then select the option ‘Properties’ from the popup options. Now, hit the option ‘Email Accounts’.
  4. Then, choose the account ‘MS Exchange Server’ and after that click on the ‘Change’ option.
  5. Now, in the dialog box that has the mailbox server, click on the ‘More settings’ link.
  6. Within the ‘Microsoft Exchange’ dialog box, click the tab ‘Security’. At last, select the checkbox option ‘Encrypt data between Outlook and Microsoft Exchange’. Next, click on the ‘OK’ button.

Method Two

  1. First, open the web browser of your choice and search for reliable software that can repair PST files. Now, from the search output list, choose free software and download that file.
  2. After the download process is complete, locate the setup file of the reliable software. Now, execute the setup file and follow the on-screen instructions within the installer window to install the application.
  3. When the installation is over, launch the software and then click on the button ‘Scan Now’ to look for the corrupted PST files present in the system.
  4. After the scanning process gets over, you will see the list of corrupt PST files. In order to repair or correct those files, just click on the button ‘Repair All’ and wait for the repairing procedure to finish.
  5. When everything is complete, just reboot your system. At last, after the machine boots up again, open the application Outlook and inspect whether you are facing this problem or not.

Method Three

  1. First, open the computer and then log into the profile with administrator rights. After that, hit on the combination of ‘Windows + S’ keys to open the search text box. Within that box type ‘Control Panel’ and hit the ‘Enter’ key.
  2. From the search results, choose the option ‘Control Panel’. This shows the window ‘Control Panel’. Within that window, choose the option ‘Large icons’ beside the label ‘View by:’. After that, go to the search box within the Control Panel window, situated at the upper right corner.
  3. In the search box, type system restore. Now, from the items of the search output list, choose the option ‘System’. Next, choose the link ‘System protection’ from the new page. A new window with the heading ‘System Properties’ will pop up, where the tab ‘System Protection’ is already chosen.
  4. Under the selected tab, go to the section ‘System Restore’. Within the section, choose the button that has a similar name as the section.
  5. After that, a new window with the name ‘System Restore’ will pop up. Here, click on the ‘Next’ button.
  6. Then, from the list, choose the restore point of your choice under the heading ‘Restore your computer to the state it was in before the selected event’. Next, select the button ‘Next’.
  7. Now, in the next page within that window, you will see the heading ‘Confirm your restore point’, then, the Time, Description and Drives. This is the point to which your machine will be restored.
  8. Just, click on the ‘Finish’ button to initiate the restoration procedure. This will take some time to complete. So, just be patient and wait.
  9. At last, when the restoration process is over, your machine will be restored to the point which was set.

Method Four

  1. Press the combination of ‘Windows + I’ together to initiate the ‘Settings’ window. After that, within the window, locate and select the ‘Update & Security’ category.
  2. Now, from the new page in this window that has the heading ‘Windows Update’, choose the button ‘Check for updates’. As soon as you click on it, the OS will start to search for any available updates.
  3. If there are any updates for the OS,  it will be on the list and those updates will be automatically downloaded.
  4. Once the download is complete, you will just have to restart the machine with an active internet connection. In the next boot up, the computer will start to install these updates automatically.
  5. Finally, when the machine gets updated to its latest version, then start the Outlook application and examine if this glitch resurfaces or not.

Method Five

  1. Click on the ‘Cortana’ logo, to launch the ‘Search’ box. In it, type “command prompt”. Then, from the search output, choose the option ‘Command Prompt’. But before you select this option, right-click on it and then click on the option ‘Run As Administrator’.
  2. After that, the ‘Command Prompt’ window shows up. Within that window, type the command “sfc/scannow” and then hit the ‘Enter’ key. This will execute the command.
  3. The command in the above section scans the system to find any corrupt system files and repairs or restores them.
  4. After the execution, exit from the Command Prompt and reboot the machine to apply the changes to your PC.

Some Quick Tips to fix the Outlook Error 0x80040115

  • Open your Outlook, go to the Control Panel and open the Mail item.
  • After this, you can select the Show Profiles. After selecting the show profiles, select your profile to go into the Properties. Go to the Properties option click on your E-mail Account. In the Email account click on the Microsoft Exchange account. Finally, click on Change to exchange the account.
  • A dialogue box will appear which contains your mailbox server as well as your username.
  • Inside the dialogue box click on More Settings. After clicking on the setting option, the Microsoft Exchange dialogue box will appear. Inside the dialogue box, select the Security tab.
  • Check the security tab, select the Encrypt option and further encrypt the data between MS Outlook and MS Exchange box. Finally, click on OK to fix the Outlook Error 0x80040115

In case, you are unable to solve it on your own, get in touch with the experts and resolve your Outlook issues at the earliest.

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