Effective Methods To Solve Error Code 0X8007007B

Hopefully, the users who are getting the error code 0x8007007b, already know that it is a Windows activation related issue. And there is a list of methods which you can avail from this article and with the help of which you can solve it. So, do not worry, and try the methods below.

Methods to Fix Error Code 0X8007007B

Below are the methods applying which, you can fix the Windows activation error code 0x8007007b. So try the methods one by one, until you get the error resolved.

Method 1: Fix 0X8007007B via Phone Call

This is one of the most popular solutions for the Windows activation error 0x8007007b. So, try it at first.

Firstly, activate the Search Results window. And for this press both the Windows and the letter F key at the same time. Now, on the search bar type “slui.exe 4”, without using quotations. Check that there is a space between slui.exe and 4, so type it correctly. After doing this, you will get the phone activation window open. But in some cases, it does not show you the window due to an issue. If this is the case, then try this alternative process as below, which will definitely work for you.

First of all, open the Run bar window. And for doing this, press both the Windows and the letter R button at the same time. Then, on the Run bar, paste the command “slui.exe 4” again following the same guidelines as stated above. After doing this, you may get the UAC window open, and then enter the valid password to continue. This will open up the Windows Activation window with two different options as below:

  • Use my modem to connect directly to the activation service
  • Use the automated phone system

Click on the “Use the automated phone system” option. This will open up the window where you will get a number for the calling purpose. When you call using the number, from the other side, they will ask you to tell them the installation ID. After doing this, they will provide you the Windows activation code. After applying this code in its specified location, click on Next and proceed with the on-screen instructions. Then, hopefully, you will get rid of the error.

Method 2: Resolve Error 0X8007007B with “slui 3”

This is another workaround with the help of which you can fix the error code 0x8007007b. So, check it out.

At first, press the Windows button, to get the search bar open. After that, on the search bar, type “cmd”, without quotations. Next, as the top search result, you will get the Command Prompt or cmd option. Right-click on it. Then, from the available options, click on the “Run as administrator” option. As the Administrator: Command Prompt window opens, type “slui 3” on it, without using the quotations. Next, you will find the “Enter a product key” window will open. Here, you need to type the product key that Microsoft has provided to you. After that, follow the ongoing instructions to get the issue fixed.

Method 3: Utilize the Administrator Command Prompt to Fix Error Code 0X8007007B Windows 7

You can even try this method to solve 0x8007007b. So, proceed with the steps below.

  • First, tap the Windows button. Then, on this activated search bar, type “cmd”, without quotations. Next, as you get the top-most search result as cmd or Command Prompt, right-click on it.
  • After that, from the menu window, click on the “Run as administrator” option.
  • Then, on this Administrator: Command Prompt window, type “slmgr.vbs -ipk <Activation Key>” and press the Enter key to execute.
  • Next, you will get the product key confirmation window open.
  • Now, to activate the Windows, enter the “slmgr.vbs -ato” command on the same Administrator: Command Prompt window. And then, hit the Enter button to complete the task.
  • After Windows gets activated, it is recommended to restart your computer.
  • Next, hopefully, you will not get the 0x8007007b error window back as the system turns on.

Method 4: Activate Windows with the Previous Product Key

This is one of the methods which helps to solve the Windows activation problem. And the steps to follow to accomplish the solution task is as below.

First of all, use both the Windows and the letter X key at the same time, to get the search bar active.

Then, from the available options on the top of this search bar, click on “Command Prompt (Admin)”.

After that, you will get the black background Administrator: Command Prompt open with a blinking cursor on it. Type “wmic path SoftwareLicensingService get OA3xOriginalProductKey” on it. And then, press the Enter button to execute. After performing all the above steps, you will get your previous Product Key details on the screen. Note down all these available details on the screen.

This time, right-click on the Windows symbol, which is at the bottom left corner. After that, from the available options, click on Settings. Next, from the left panel of this window, click on “Update and Security”. And then, click on Activation. This will navigate to the section, from where you will be able to change the product key. Click on this related option, and enter the product key values, which you had noted down earlier. Now lastly, restart the computer, to give the system enough time to load the change which you have done. Now, hopefully, you will get the activation error resolved.

All these are the methods with the help of which many of the users get the positive result in solving the error code 0x8007007b, which is the Windows activation glitch. Hopefully, you will be able to resolve it as well.