Solve HP Printer Error Code 0x803c010b: Easy Solution from BabaSupport

HP is one of the most renowned brands for PCs and laptops. Recently, it has also started developing printers at an affordable budget. Many users have been using Hp printers because of its added features and promising service. But while using the devices, many users have come across several errors on their systems. HP printer error code 0x803C010B is one of the most common issues faced by the users.

Main Reasons Behind HP Printer Error ode 0x803c010b

Flashing of error codes on your screen is the basic way of your system to make you aware of the errors regarding your HP printer. There can be several reasons behind the error codes.

These kinds of errors are generally related to the problems with the Printer Cables or the drivers. HP printer error code 0x803c010b is also related to the faults in the ink cartridges, or it can be a problem in I\O card that is related to the communication port. Moreover, the error codes are shot with alphanumeric characters.

Ways to fix HP printer error code 0x803c010b

If you are witnessing such error codes on your Desktop while using the HP ink printer you can diagnose this issue by yourself if you follow our simple guidelines. After taking the necessary steps if the system still shows you the error code then contact Baba Support. In Baba Support, we solve every problem related to HP devices. But first, go through the necessary steps to fix the issue.

  • Always use HP ink cartridges

To facilitate the troubleshooting process, this is the most important step. Every HP customers must use genuine HP ink cartridges. If you don’t use them then the issues might revert again, and this can lead to a more serious problem. You can buy ink cartridges from your nearest HP store, or you can contact us. We also provide genuine ink cartridges from HP.

  •  Try to reset the HP printer

Here, if the HP printer error code 0x803c010b still exist, then you need to reset your printer. Most of the times a reset of your printer can eradicate the error.

The first thing you need to do is to turn your Hp printer on. You can try and wait for a few seconds to give your printer a proper loading time. Then you need to disconnect the cord from the printer while the printer is still on. Also disconnect the wire from the wall pointer as well.

After some time, start connecting all the cords to their respective plug points and then switch the printer on. If the problem is still there, please go to the next step.

  • Clean the ink cartridge of your HP printer thoroughly.

Sometimes, if there are any foreign particles like dust or dirt or congested ink inside the ink cartridge, it can lead to this particular error of the printer.

To clean the ink cartridges, you will need a clean cloth. Even a pin can prove handy for removing the concentrated ink on the ink cartridges. Try to get a few dry cotton swabs and clean water. Tap water mustn’t be used because it contains impurities which can further increase your problems. So, clean the debris present on the ink cartridge and see if it is working or not.

  • Fix the error with the help of the functioning windows of your system

You can solve the HP printer error code with the help of Windows if other solutions are not working. Go to the taskbar first, then tap Windows +Q and now type printers on the search box. After this, click on Device and Printers. You need to look for the printer that you are using here and then right-click on it and go to the printer properties. Now, inside the printer properties look for standard TCP\IP and try to configure it. Finally, a new box will appear where you need to deactivate the SNMP Status Enabled option. After that reboot your system, the issue will get sorted.


Ways to Reach Us

We hope that you are able to fix the HP printer error code 0x803c010b with the help of the solutions as mentioned above. If you are not able to solve the issue, you can contact Email Support +1-888-796-4002 We provide the best services, especially for HP devices. Our engineers and team of experts are always ready to solve each every issue that users face while using HP printers and other devices at any given time. You can also mention the different issues that you face by emailing us at  Experience our exclusive live chat support on our website. You can easily approach our experts who are available round the clock to get the most efficient solutions that you yearn for. Finally, you will get all your solution at the rates that you won’t even believe. So, connect with us the as fast as you can to avail our exciting new offers.




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