Most Viable Ways To Make Steam Turn Off Auto Updates

If you are facing certain update issues while using Steam, then you need to have Steam turn off auto updates. You have come across the right article. Here, we are going to show you all the things you will need to stop the auto-update feature of Steam. 

Now, you will be able to troubleshoot any issue that you might be facing with ease. As far as Steam goes, this is one of the most popular online platforms for distributing video games. There are millions and millions of people from around the world that use this. Thus, they are able to get their favorite video games very easily and enjoy them. 

But, like every other technology that you may use, Steam can also give certain problems. One of them is the issue with problematic auto-update. And to fix this, you will have to make Steam disable auto update

Read along and you will find out all that you will need to do that. 

Reasons Why you need to have Steam Turn off Auto Updates 

We must discuss the reasons why you will need to turn off the auto-update feature of Steam first. It will give a proper and complete context to all the instructions that we are going to delve into. 

More than that, if you have a sound understanding of the issue at hand. You will be able to avoid a lot of adverse effects. Also, understanding the instructions in the solution section will be much easier to understand. 

Thus, you will be much more efficient in implementing the solutions and you will effortlessly disable Steam auto update. So here the question arises as to why you would want to turn off a useful feature such as this? 

  • If you have this feature on, and the updates are rolling in as the game companies are rolling them out. And by chance, some of them do not seem to be compatible with the firmware then you are going to face problems, and the games are not going to run. 
  • Also, if the auto-update feature is active and because of that, some kind of malware gets the system anyhow. 

Now, it may be the case that the updates that the developers might have sent, have some bugs in them. If you had the option for a manual update, you would have some kind of control over that. 

But with auto-update active, you will not exactly know when and how these bugs might affect your system. As a result, it can severely hamper your gaming experience with Steam. So now, let us take a look at the process of how to turn off Steam auto update

How to Disable Auto Updates on Steam: 2 Methods 

Check out 2 different ways in which you will be able to make Steam turn off auto updates. Carefully go through all the steps that we have listed. And you will be able to complete this task in no time whatsoever. 

Set the Updates for when the Game Launches 

Steam has a huge number of games in their libraries and you will only be able to play a few of them at a time. The others are going to be on standby, so to say but issues can come from them as well. To avoid update issues, you can stop the auto-update feature for these games. 

Here is the step by step process which is going to help you do that. 


  • Launch the Steam application and wait as the interface comes up. 
  • Once in that interface, look for the Library option, which is going to at the to of the screen. 
  • As you click on that to open it, the list of all the games that you have will come up. Just bring the cursor over any game you want to, and from the dropdown, select the Properties option. 
  • Now, as the Properties window comes up, click to bring forth the Update tab. 
  • As you are in that tab, look for the automatic updates dropdown list. In that, click to select the Only update this game when I launch it option. 
  • Click on the Apply button the confirm the changes, and then the OK button to get out of that window. 


Thus, you will be able to have Steam stop auto updates for the games you are not playing currently. With this, you will be able to bypass pertinent update issues from that aspect. 

Alter the Auto Update Schedule 

If not put a stop the auto-update feature completely, you can definitely avoid technical glitches by rescheduling this. Let us face the fact that the auto-update feature is a rather useful one. And shutting it off completely can bring forth other kinds of problems. 

So, the workaround for that is to reschedule the Automatic Update feature and here is how to. 


  • Click on the Steam icon on your desktop to launch the application. And then from the top section of the interface, select the View section to open it. 
  • From the dropdown list that appears, look for the Settings option and click on it. On the menu section to the left of the screen, click on the Downloads option. 
  • After that, look for the Download Restrictions option and click on it. Follow up by clicking on the Only auto-update games between option. 
  • Now, you will have to set the date range for this. And the quantitative specifics of that are going to be in the dropdown lists. 
  • Set whichever date range you want to, and then specify the details under the Limit bandwidth to option. 
  • For the bandwidth setting, choose the lowest possible setting which happens to be 16 KB/s


Thus, you will be able to delay all the updates and avoid any issues that might come along with that. 


So, here you have the 2 processes with which you will be able to make Steam turn off auto updates. If you have any questions regarding this that you want answers to then you can get that in the comments section down below. Other than that, if you want more technical articles like this to help you fix such problems you can get all of that as you go through our website.