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Tenda is one of the leading suppliers of network devices all over the world. Customers all over the world prefer to buy their products since they offer easy to install and budget-friendly network equipment. However, the customers face issues while setting up Tenda routers, If you find out that your Tenda router not working, do not hesitate to call at Baba Support helpline number for any Router issue.

Their customer care executives work 365 days in a year, and 24/7 a day to offer you the best services possible. So, setting up your router will not take too much of time. If you are not tech-savvy,  all you need is to give their experts a call. Their engineers are capable to set up the router. You can get the best possible way to install the Tenda router.

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Fixing Tenda Router Not Working Is Easier!

Customers come with complaints like ‘my Tenda router is not working’. Steps mentioned here will fix the issue. First, take an ethernet cable and set up a connection between your computer and yellow LAN ports of Tenda. You have to make sure that the light associated with the port is lit. Proceed on to the next step.

Now you need to visit the Tenda web-based setup page. You will get to know the IP address from the back panel of the device. Enter the credentials like the username and the password on the webpage you will get the access.

Now click on Advanced Settings after accessing the page. From the menu, select the system status. Now locate the Network Status, and you will get the relevant information about the Connection Status here. If it says connected you are all set to go.

Now you have to do the hard work if it says that the network is not configured properly. You have to check the hardware connection. Plug the internet cable, try to use any other cable if the previous one is the faulty one.

You can change the WAN speed. Click on Advanced Settings and then proceed on to WAN speed. Change the speed to 10M Full-Duplex or to 10M Half-Duplex. If you want you can reset the Tenda device to factory default.

If it is not working try the next step. You need to troubleshoot your Internet connectivity even your connection status shows connected.

Power Cycle The Modem

You can power cycle the modem and the Tenda device. So, perform the power cycle procedures mentioned below-

At first, unplug the power cable both from your modem and from the Tenda device.  Next wait for 30 seconds. Now plug the power cable back to the router and the modem. The modem lights and the router lights will lit up. Now try to connect to the Internet.

To change the DNS address, first, click on Advanced Settings and get into the setup page. Select DNS settings under Advanced Setting. Manually set the DNS. Set it to

Now it is the time to clone the MAC address. First, go to the Advanced Settings tab and then try to get into the setup page or the login page. Select Advanced Settings and then select the MAC address from the submenu category. Click Clone MAC and then select Save.

You can change the WAN speed in the setup page. Click on Advanced Settings and then select WAN speed. Set it to 10M Full-Duplex. For the latest Tenda setup page, select WAN speed, change the speed to 10M Full-Duplex or 10M Full-Duplex.

Change the LAN IP address in the setup page as well. Click on Advanced Settings and select the LAN settings from the submenu. Alter the LAN IP address to any other IP.  Kepp the subnet mask as it is. Then Save the entire setup.

If you still find out that your Tenda wifi router not working, we recommend you to upgrade the Tenda device’s firmware. You can spot the bugs and can fix those.

Now if you try all the above solutions and still not able to fix the router issue do not hesitate to reach Baba Support team of experts. Their technical experts are always at your service 24×7. So get in touch with their specialist’s team. They can assure you that your problem will b solved within a fraction of time.

You can avail doorstep services if you want. The engineers will reach to your doorstep will fix all the issues regarding Tenda router and too within a minimal price range.

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Tenda Router Setup Is Now So Easy with Baba Support

The tech team of Baba Support has been providing technical assistance for several years all over the world. So, the technical team is well-versed with ins and outs of the Tenda router. Call now at toll-free number +1-888-796-4002  For Tenda router issue. Our technicians will provide you live and instant support. With Baba Support, Tenda router not working will not be an issue anymore.