How to Update Router Firmware TP-Link | Easy Steps At Baba Support

Router firmware update is one of the main aspects that can make a lot of difference in boosting up the network. Thus, if you are using a TP-Link router, then you might not be able to update its firmware automatically. In that case, you need to carry out the legwork on your own by accessing the router interface. In this blog, you’ll get to know how to update router firmware TP-Link.

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Here is how to update router firmware TP-Link?

Usually, a router firmware like TP-Link is connected via the IP address of either “” or “” Note that the TP-Link router firmware update on your system may erase your saved settings.

Make sure to keep a backup copy of all the required documents that are important related to your work or other assignments. To complete this test easily, simply click on the advanced settings tab and click on the backup and restore option from the system tools.

Install the current firmware version on your device by accessing it from the TP-Link website. Make sure to select the current version that is compatible and supports your device completely. After clicking on the server list, you need to select the system tools-firmware update option. Select the right file that needs to be downloaded.

Another point of choice is the upgrade option that will automatically reboot the system by addressing the commands. Check for the router firmware upgrade feature and it will restore the settings to factory default. If you wish to make changes in the default settings then you need to re-configure the TP-Link router from the beginning.Update Router Firmware TP-Link

Some additional points to be noted

  • Never choose an incorrect way to upgrade a router firmware as it can cause unwanted damage to your device.
  • While you are accessing the solution for how to update router firmware TP-Link, never carry out the process while attaching it to a wireless connection.
  • Your device should be connected to a strong network connection and do not disrupt the ethernet cable in any way while completing the update process.
  • Check if the new firmware update is supporting the older backed up files that you have saved on your system. If you face such situation, it is better to reconfigure the system manually back to the earlier settings.

If you are unable to work out any of the above steps, then take the help of our TP-Link Support expert. We can help you with relevant solutions and help in overcoming them.

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