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Windows Defender is the system’s antivirus software. It is essential, free and a pre-installed antivirus software coming in with your copy of Microsoft Windows. It is mainly used in the basic scanning of the system. On several occasions, users are facing an error “Windows Defender Error Code 0x80070424” while using the software. There are some reasons for the error, and we will also discuss the appropriate solutions.

windows defender error code 0x80070424

Reasons for the Windows Defender Error Code 0x80070424

According to sources, the reason for the error could be the Windows Operating System. Windows Defender came along with the Windows XP and is still there in Windows 10.

The Windows Defender Error Code 0x80070424 may occur due to some problem in system files. Unavailable system files in the Windows Operating System may cause the error.

The other reason behind the problem can be the incomplete installation of Windows Defender. As there will be some missing files of Windows Defender, it will not be able to complete assigned tasks.

Deletion of some applications or hardware is also considered to be one of the reasons behind the error.

A virus attack can also damage the system files stored in the system. A virus attack can make the software corrupt and inefficient to perform its assigned tasks. Lastly, sudden changes in the settings of the Firewall can also lead to the issue.

Simple Steps to fix Windows Defender Error Code 0x80070424

The most important solution can be to update the version of Windows 10. You can check for the updates on the Settings window of the system.

Check the version of the Windows Defender and also update the associated files with it. Please make sure that all the system files are updated. The system files are essential for proper working of the applications and the hardware.

Also, ensure that the system is free from viruses and malicious attacks. Use a good and trusted antivirus in your system so that you can check for any virus attack and remove it.

Additionally, ensure that you are using a genuine version of Windows 10. A fake copy of Windows 10 invites threats and virus attacks to the system. The viruses are extremely harmful to your system.

You can also change the settings of your Firewall so that the error can be removed.

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