Resolve Windows Error 0x8024200b – Expert Solutions From Windows Support

The error 0x8024200b is one of the latest Windows errors. It may happen on any version of Windows starting from Windows 7, 8, 8.1 and Windows 10. But, the question is why and how does this error occur?

Nowadays many users are facing this common Windows error 0x8024200b. At our Microsoft Support, we come across this error quite a lot. Thus, we came up with the ideal solutions to resolve the latest update error  0x8024200B. So, in this article, we will provide you with all the general information to fix the error 0x8024200b. Speaking of error messages, these are quite complicated. So if you are not tech-savvy, it is better to consult with our reliable Support team.

What Leads To Windows Error 0x8024200b?

You may experience this error while updating from older Windows versions to the newer versions. Though, it may also happen during the time of installation of specific updates. When your system fails to install or find any available updates, then the error message shows up in a new Window.

Windows Error 0x8024200b

Besides these, there are various other reasons that are responsible for this error,

  • Damaged file or document such as DLL files or registry files is one of the reasons for Windows error 0x8024200b.
  • Virus and malware can also affect your PC and damage your essential files.
  • If anything goes wrong during the driver installation in your PC, then it may affect your Windows operating system.
  • Improper installations and uninstallations of the applications might be responsible for the error 0x8024200b.

Indeed, these are the fundamental reasons for the error 0x8024200b. This error will attack your system and then prevent different applications from running. And furthermore, prevent your PC from running efficiently. Sometimes, the user can also face this error when they try to play or use graphics programs or when they are attempting to connect the USB devices to your PC.

Error 0x8024200b – Get The Most Advanced Solutions

So here are some of the easy and simple steps to fix the error 0x8024200b,

  • Simply reset your Windows update components. For this you need to click, Windows Key + X and then select “Command Prompt” from the given option.
  • Now you have to click the stop button to close Windows Installer and the Update Services. You will need to type some commands at the Command Prompt for this you will need help from our experts. All you need to do is call us for your services.
  • Next step is to rename the Software Destination and Catroot2 folder. And then you will need our help to type some technical commands.
  • And at last, just restart Windows Installer and Update Services. You will require some technical commands. If you are not able to perform these technical commands then leave it to us.

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