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Does the Windows 10 explorer keep crashing whenever you try to open a folder? It is something really annoying and frustrating as well. But you don’t need to worry at all. You can fix your Windows 10 Explorer crash issue now by following my guide. Go through the article and solve the problem ‘File Explorer Crashes Windows 10’.

Windows 10 Explorer Crash

How to Fix Windows 10 explorer crash issue?

Firstly, Clear File Explorer History

Follow the steps here to Clear File Explorer History

  • At first, Open Control Panel
  • Then, Locate File Explorer and Open it
  • Click on Clear
  • Then Select Apply and Click OK
  • This will clear the file explorer history.

After trying with the first method let’s go with the second one.

Launch the Folder Windows In a Separate Process

To launch folder Windows in a separate process follow the steps given below

  • Firstly, Open Control Panel
  • Then Open File Explorer Options
  • Now, tap on the View Pane.
  • Then tick on Launch Folder Windows in a separate process from the Advanced settings.
  • Finally, Click Apply and then click OK.

Fix Windows System Files

You can fix the system files to resolve the Windows 10 file explorer crash. Follow the steps given below to Run SFC Scannow

  • Open the Command prompt Press the Windows Key from the Keyboard
  • Type cmd and right click on the ‘Command Prompt’
  • Now Click on Run as Administrator
  • Click Yes
  • Then Type SFC /SCANNOW and hit the Enter button
  • Now you need to wait a few minutes to complete the process
  • Then Restart your PC

This step requires a little knowledge about the Windows System Files. If you don’t feel confident enough to try these on your own it is highly recommended to try these under experts supervision. Visit Windows Support Portal and talk to the chat assistants to get help with the problem.

Perform a Disk Check

If the problem arose due to disk problems, performing the disk check can surely solve the problem. You can follow the steps given below to run a disk check on your computer

  • Press the Windows Key from your Keyboard
  • Then type cmd there
  • Now, Right Click on the Command Prompt
  • And then Run as administrator
  • Now, Click Yes to Continue
  • Type chkdsk /f /r, then press Enter on your keyboard
  • Press ‘Y’ on your keyboard

Still facing the problem?  Let the experts help you with the problem.

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Windows 10 Explorer Crash

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