Avast Error 1920 – Resolve It With BabaSupport Customer Service

Avast antivirus has a plethora of high-end features, but it is not flawless. Recently users are complaining about its efficiency. Many Avast users are constantly facing Avast error 1920 code. This error alert like any other error issues prevents the operating system from working normally.

The runtime Avast error 1920 usually occurs when there is an installation error.  The signs remain the same but the solution may vary. You can also get in touch with our Avast Support to avail the exact solution in a short span of time. If you are facing an error code similar to Avast scan error 1920, read on to resolve the issue on your own.

Avast Error 1920: Common Signs And Causes

Before knowing about the causes of the issue, we advise you to check the signs that can denote the arrival of this error beforehand. There can be other reasons behind the occurrence of Avast error. For instance, when the file cannot be accessed by the system (1920).

Many people tend to ignore the early signs and the error messages hamper your files to a great extent. So it is always better to be alert and prevent these errors from harming your system.

  • Several popup messages like Avast Error 1920 or Avast scan error 1920 will appear in the screen and will crash the operating Window.
  • The Windows version will slow down or freeze for some moment. The computer can also shut down on its own after displaying a message.
  • The Windows will not respond to the keyboard or command input correctly.
  • Avast software can interfere while other programs that are working. This can happen when you are trying to update the operating system or install any other application.

Now that you know what happens when Avast starts behaving adversely, make sure to take the necessary steps to prevent this situation. You can also have a word with our support executives for additional tips and immediate help.


Now we shall discuss some probable reasons behind this threat.

  • Runtime errors occur when any security software update is incomplete. Also, incomplete installation or download can incur the message.
  • Microsoft Windows registers every application in the computer. If any registry error occurs in the system, Avast antivirus will not work. This happens when we accidentally delete any folder or drive related to the security program.
  • Another common issue is virus or malware attack. The bugs can enter and corrupt your system through malicious sites or other sources. They destroy the security software as well.

Resolve Avast Error: The file Cannot Be Accessed By The System (1920)

Now that you know the signs and causes behind the threat, it is necessary to troubleshoot each problem with care. Follow the quick tips to resolve them on your own.

We recommend you to scan the device thoroughly. This will detect any other issue that is hampering the performance of the device.

  1. To troubleshoot Avast scan error 1920, clean the cookies. A pro-tip for the Avast users: cookies generate a lot of errors because they tend to take up a lot of space and attract virus. So to keep the machine healthy, remember to clean the junk often.
  2. It is possible that the source of error 1920 is a malicious program. So, perform a full malware scan. This will detect any corrupt or obsolete files. You can also install a malware removal application to ease out the process.
  3. You can update the Windows version or the device drivers to remove the threat “Avast error the file cannot be accessed by the system (1920)”.

Avast error 1920

How Can We Help?

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