Canon Printer Error Code 5011 – Fix With Expert Solutions From Baba Support

Canon is quite popular for producing high-quality camcorders, steppers, cameras, printers, etc. Its products are worldwide famous due to cutting-edge technologies and features. Still, issues like Canon Printer error code 5011 appear in the Canon printers and disrupt its performance all of a sudden.

Need suitable assistance to get rid of the alert code 5011 from your printer? Well, your search ends with the Babasupport solutions. The Babasupport experts will immediately fix your problem with perfection. We make use of advanced technology to provide you with the most effective Support for Canon Printer.

Canon Printer Error Code 5011

An Insight Into Canon Printer Error Code 5011

Never neglect any issue that you face while using your Canon printer.

When the print head holder is stuck, you will face several difficulties with the performance of Canon printer. Furthermore, it will not print anything, no matter how much you try.

As a result, the printer display will show up a message notifying Canon printer error code 5011 has occurred on the device.

Well, in this situation, you might require reliable solutions which can be provided by the Baba support experts.

Here’s How To Solve This Printer Issue

You may face this Canon Printer error code 5011 while resetting your printer settings or printing any document.

There could arise any hardware or software fault on your printer, creating hindrances in your daily work. So, follow the steps given-below to sort out your printer issue within a limited time interval.

  • Solution I

Start with unplugging the power supply from your printer. Next, hold the button for five minutes. Finally, attach the plug back to the printer. Switch on your printer again.

Now, check if the message saying Canon printer error code 5011 recurs on your device.

  • Solution II

Switch off your printing machine. Then open the printer cover to change the printer cartridge.

Next, switch on your printer again and close the printer cover before initializing the printer operation.

After that, Switch off the power supply of the printer. Next, press and hold the Power and Cancel button together. Then, long press the power button to release cancel.

Now, press the cancel button for a while. Then release both the power and cancel button simultaneously.

  • Solution III

Check if there is any unwanted paper piece or any tiny objects inside your printer. Next, thoroughly clean the encoder strip unit of your printer.

The Canon encoder strip is located just at the back of the printer inkjet that runs across from right to left on the printing sheet.

After that, restore the scanner unit on your printer. Check if the printer is working normally or not with a test print.

If the same Canon printer error 5011 pops up, take help from the experts from the Baba support tech team.

Common Causes Of Canon Printer Error Code 5011

It is a relatively prevalent issue with some Canon printer models. The causes of the Canon printer fault are as follows:

  • Defective scanner issue which will prevent the printer from functioning properly. Apart from that, the error 5011 can be resolved by certain complicated troubleshooting techniques. A proper replacement of the Printer-Scanner can sort out the issue.
  • The alert can also arise from the faulty production. Or, it can take place due to certain software breakdown of the device.


Talk To Canon Printer Experts At Baba Support

The Babasupport experts are well-skilled and aware of the defects that can occur in the Canon printer models. The experts fix the Canon printer error code 5011 without consuming much time.

To reach the Email Support team, avail of the services, namely, phone, email or live chat facility. You can dial our helpline number: +1-800-917-0185, chat with our executives or mail us at We will get back to you in no time.

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