Fix Canon Printer Error Code 6A81 – Effective Solutions From Our Experts

Canon is very popular for offering an exclusive range of color and multifunctional printers at affordable prices. Its user-friendly features and trendy outlook has been appreciated by a number of users. Unfortunately, just like other technical device, Canon printers also go through a number of issues that you may often come across. Canon printer error code 6a81 is one of those troubles that users often encounter at times. In this article, you will find all the necessary details regarding the matter and a few effective steps to fix it.

Unless you are a tech-savvy person, it is quite difficult to deal with the printing glitches. Some random solutions often lead the device to a more troublesome condition. In that case, go through this article and find the right ways to resolve this issue. Our Babasupport technical specialists have taken this initiative to make printing easier for you.

What Causes Canon Printer Error Code 6A81

Generally, this specific printer error message appears when there is any paper jamming issue. Sometimes, due to some foreign objects or some piece of paper, the printing area gets jammed and creates several problems in the printer. Basically, it restricts the carriage and the print head while navigating to the right position during the restart.

Normally the print head stays towards the right-hand side of the of the carriage and over the waste ink sponges. In case the print head is unable to work in the right way, this error message can pop up. Therefore, you have to look for some effective solutions to get rid of Canon printer error code 6a81 immediately.

How To Fix Canon Printer Error Code 6A81

In order to help you fix this error as soon as possible, our technical team has come up with some easy solutions for you. You can apply them on your own and bring back your printer performance.

Solution 1: Purge Error

  • Purge unit jamming can be the ultimate cause of the error message. In this case, all you have to do is move the carriage from the purge unit without resistance. After that, look into the printer and check if the purge unit is working fine.
  • Secondly, if its a paper jamming issue in the purge unit, the printer can definitely create several more problems in the printer. Therefore, you should replace the purge unit instantly.

Solution 2: Purge Unit Is Completely Stuck

In case the purge unit gets stuck completely, you should gently push and check if the purge unit is moving smoothly.

Solution 3: Dust Issue

On the other hand, if it’s because of the dust that is creating this trouble on the device, apply this method. Clean the rubber rollers by using a clean dry cloth in the automatic sheet feeder. It can be possible that dust has coated over the rollers and that is resulting into this error message.

Get in touch with experts for instant help

In case you are unable to fix Canon printer error code 6a81, it’s high time that you should contact an efficient technician and ask for help. Our Babasupport technical team is always available at your service to bring out the best possible solutions for you. Therefore, you can reach the experts any time through any of the contact channels.

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You can contact the professionals through Email Support Helpline number for Canon Printers: +1-800-917-0185 and talk to the support executives regarding your concern.

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Similarly, you can connect with the professionals through our Babasupport professionals and let us know your Canon printer troubles. Get immediate answers from our representatives via live chat and settle down your printer issues.

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