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Cisco routers allow its users a wide range of flexibility in terms of performance and network capacity. You can set up Cisco router at your workstation or even at your basic home use, for a good networking experience. However, Cisco Router Setup requires a basic knowledge of networking, as it can be tricky sometimes.

We have received a wide range of requests regarding how to set up Cisco router? So I decided to share the steps to setup the Router. Before we proceed, please note, this may require a minimum number of technical knowledge. So if you are not confident enough, we can help you out there.

Let’s get started with the basics of Cisco router setup.  


Cisco Router Setup – Here’s How You Need To Do it?

When the  Cisco router connects to your system, it shows a message asking you, if you want to go through a prompted list to set up the router. Most of the users ignore this setup wizard. When it connects for the first time, there will be no password. All you need is a USB cable to establish the connection.

Cisco Router Setup


Switch on the router by plugging the router into a wall socket. Connect the router to the computer with the help of USB cable. Now go to the command prompt option to configure the router.


First, you need to setup the IP address to connect with the server. Then you need to grant access to the router to the local IP address and network address.


After configuring the IP address, you may want to quit the terminal. Once the configuration is done, you need to reboot the device and also the router. Then try connecting the router, you should not face any problem.

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