Forgot Avast Password? Connect with Baba Support for Instant Solution

Through the Avast account portals, you can manage all your licenses and subscriptions for different Avast products. With the same login credentials, all the products and devices that are linked with the same email can be managed together and easily. But what if you forgot Avast password or your email ID?

No worries, you can always call tech experts at Baba Support for any kind of help in troubleshooting your login problems. They can help you to recover both your email ID and your password.

Why Your Avast Account Login Failed?

There could be two reasons why you can’t login to Avast account

  1. You have entered incorrect username or password, or
  2. My Avast servers are down temporarily.

If the servers are down, there’s nothing much you can do about it. But if you have forgotten your login credentials, you can sure recover them easily. But before you opt for Forgot Avast Password, there are a few things you must ensure. Some precautions are here:

  • Your Caps Lock is turned off while you are entering your password. Passwords are case sensitive. You must enter your password in the same way you created.
  • You are not mixing up letters and numbers in your password with the ones around them on the keyboard. Sometimes, you might notice and in hurry, you could be hitting the wrong key in the keyboard.
  • Also that, you are not entering the old password. At times, we don’t remember that we have recently changed the password. This can also lead to failed log-in.
  • You are not entering an unregistered email ID for login.

After you have made sure that you haven’t done any of those mentioned above, proceed.  

Forgot Avast Password- Avast Account Password Reset Steps

If you don’t remember your email ID, try every ID you have. And if you don’t remember the password, let us start with Avast password reset option. Here’s how you can reset your Avast password.

  • Go to the Avast website.
  • Under the login button, on the right side, you will find can’t access your account option. Click on it.
  • You will be prompted to enter your registered email ID. In case it says email address doesn’t exist, try all your IDs until you find the right one. If no email matches, create a new account.
  • After you have entered the registered email ID, you will receive a mail from Avast with a password reset link.
  • Click on the link.
  • You will be navigated to the change password page.
  • Enter the new password and click on change password bar.

Forgot Avast Password

Try logging in again with the new password. You will be able to log in to your Avast account again. If the problem persists or you are not able to do any of the above-mentioned things, scan it for the malware or uninstall and reinstall it. Then try again.


Usually, you wouldn’t need to go this far, resetting the password works, if it doesn’t it shows other issues in your Avast account like it could be affected with some malware. In such cases, troubleshooting and reinstalling the program works.  

Connect With Baba Support for Instant solutions at your doorstep

Forgot Avast Password

If you are not able to figure out the above methods and are confused about them, give a call on toll-free number +1-888-796-4002  for Avast support. They have more than one portals of communication for you for constant availability. The experts at Baba Support will guide you through the entire process in simpler words. Also, if the problem still stands despite all these efforts, you can request them for a more intricate solution to this problem via email at [email protected]. Their experts will provide you with the best possible remote assistance for troubleshooting your Avast log-in issues.