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Owing to such amazing features, Dell laptop has gained a huge customer base. But right after you open the Dell Laptop, you may get an Error Code 2000-0122. It is quite common among Dell users.

You must take care of the error code as soon as possible. It can harm the system data because it happens when RAM failed to its tests. Fixing Dell Error Code 2000-0122 is a bit complicated. If you are not a technical person, you can always get in touch with a tech expert.

Here you will find some interesting tips on how to fix the error code without hassle. If you are unable to execute below-mentioned steps, feel free to get in touch with Baba Support. For any type of technical help related to Dell issues, dial at Customer Service Number: +1-888-796-4002  For Dell issue. (toll-free)

dell error 2000-1222

Steps To Fix Dell Error Code 2000-0122 Issue:

Error code 2000-0122 means the RAM failed its tests. This error can happen when there is no physical memory available. You may get this type of error code while you are doing any task on your Dell Laptop. So follow the steps to fix the issue in an easy way.

  • Locate the RAM: First of all, find the RAM modules in your Dell laptop to see if it’s properly connected.
  • Remove the RAM: Then remove the RAM modules one by one. If you have 2 stick of RAM installed, put one in and leave the second out. If it still fails, try it again. Now remove it and put the other one in and do the same. If both the RAM modules failed in together, and you tried the 3rd time, still it is failing, then you must need a new RAM.
  • Perform the Diagnostics Task: Try to run diagnostics. RMT Basic diagnosed too many errors for the safe resolution. So you should remove and reinstall the memory. After reinstallation of the memory, please re-run the diagnostics.

Well, these are few steps to fix Dell Error Code 2000-0122. If you are still confused regarding this problem, just let the experts know. Baba Support specialists are sure to guide you and solve your problems. Give their experts a chance to offer you an unmatched experience. So get in touch with them.




Dell Error Code 2000-0122

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