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The Dell memory test can be divided into three categories namely: Diagnostics, Software, and Hardware. You can try diagnostic tests before contacting our Dell Customer Support. If the tests go in vain, get in touch with BabaSupport immediately.

Whenever your Dell laptop starts freezing or crashing without prior warning, you may have to run the memory test.  BSOD or Blue Screen of Death is another such consequence. Frequent and irrelevant error messages is also a sign for you to run the Dell memory test as soon as possible.

The steps mentioned below may solve your problem. But, even if it doesn’t, the experts are here to help you out. For any technical related Dell issues, you can connect with the tech support providers by calling at BabaSupport Customer Service Number.

Dell Memory Test

If Dell Error Code 0123 Memory Integrity Test Failed – What To do?

Desktop Memory Troubleshooting:

It provides guidance about memory issues in desktop systems, and how to resolve memory issues. You can face the common types of memory issues during use, which are:

  • No POSTs with Memory error codes.
  • Blue Screen errors, in which you can face issues on system slow, crashing, etc.
  • You can get the flash error message like memory halts, overruns, size or read issues.
  • Installation software or Operating Systems issues.


It takes you through the diagnostics LEDs.

  • First of all, check whether the Pre-Boot System Assessment diagnostics run or not. Press the F12 key continually. Then the system will start up, and then select diagnoses form the boot once menu which appears.
  • The system will run for 15-20 mins for hardware self-checks. After completing this a message will come, and it will ask you whether you want to run the further memory tests or not. If you want, then it will take more than 30 mins. If the Pre-Boot System Assessments pass, then go for new memory tests.

If all tests fail, then take a note of the error code and go to the next step.

  • If you get an error code, then you have to run the newer advanced diagnostics on your system. It is because these diagnostics will identify the fault to a memory slot on your system.

Dell Memory Test

Dell Memory Test Still A Problem? Connect With BabaSupport

Well, this methods can help you get rid of Dell Laptop Memory Tests issues. Still, if you have more problems regarding this, connect with BabaSupport by calling their Customer Service Number: +1-888-796-4002  or you are also free to drop down a mail at the email ID. You may chat with the experts at BabaSupport Live Chat Portal. The executives work round the clock to help you with the most relevant solutions. They will be happy to help you out.