Dell Laptop Screen Wont Turn On : Resolve The Issue With Babasupport

Dell laptops are one of the best available in the market with top-notch features giving its competitors a  run for their money. With great quality audio and display, Dell laptops are chosen by customers all over the world. But often users report and search solutions for problems like Dell laptop screen wont turn on and other display related problems.

If you are facing this issue as well, it can definitely leave you confused and out of ideas. Dell laptop screen not turning on is a common issue and resolving them at times can be a bit difficult. At the same point of time, it can also be a hardware issue for which you will definitely contact a support provider to get it fixed.

If you just can’t resolve the Dell laptop screen not turning on a problem, you can always connect with us and get the most effective solutions. We have dedicated services to take care of both system and hardware issues. Contact Babasupport professionals to get an immediate fix.

Laptop Screen Wont Turn On


“My Dell laptop screen won’t turn on and just stays black!” if this is the problem you are facing following the guide below. It’s okay if the below-mentioned solutions don’t work. You can always interact with Support executives of Babasupport related to any Dell issues and get the matter resolved within minutes.

Resolving Dell laptop won’t turn on black screen error

To fix the Dell laptop screen won’t turn on the error, you can try out a few different types of solutions. These are some easy steps to troubleshoot the issue to deduce the root of the problem.

Option 1

Turn off your Dell laptop’s power and wait for a few minutes. Then turn your laptop on and see whether the screen switches on or not. If the problem is still not resolved then the Dell laptop screen wont turn on error is not a power related issue.

Option 2

The problem may also be due to an installed video driver. Run a system diagnostic to check for problems with the video driver. Make sure you are using the required/compatible driver. If you have an onboard graphics card, make sure you the video card driver is set as the default one.

Also, the problem can easily be an outdated or corrupt graphics driver. To resolve this issue you will need to update your Dell laptop’s video driver manually.

Option 3
If neither of the above methods could resolve the Dell laptop screen wont turn on an issue, you can try out this one last option.

Firstly, switch off your laptop; press and hold the power button to till you see your PC has shut down completely. Then, remove the connected power cable. Next, if you know how to, also remove the battery from your Dell laptop. When done, wait for a few minutes and then connect all necessary peripherals back again. Now see if your Dell laptop turns on and with the display.


laptop screen wont turn on

Still, Dell laptop screen wont turn on? Avail immediate assistance

If following these methods still can’t fix the Dell laptop screen not turning on your laptop screen can also be broken. If it is a hardware error you connect with customer support of Dell via call the toll-free number +18009170185. You can also chat with the team of professionals of Babasupport to get accurate solutions. If we cannot resolve it remotely their professionals will go to your place fix it at affordable rates. In case, you face any congested via call, drop a mail at [email protected].