How to Disable Pop Up Blocker in Google Chrome? Easy Steps With Baba Support

Google has the feature of stalling pop-up Windows and helping you with blocking the unwanted advertisements making its way from every now and then into your screens. If your traditional browsing experience is lacking big time, then you need to know how to disable Pop-up blocker. In that case, you need to have some quick fixes up your sleeve that will work in your favor.

Disabling pop-up blocker may need some sort of technical assistance. So if you are not tech-savvy, feel free to get in touch with Baba Support  Tech team and get it done within seconds. You can either call their executives at their Support number or you can also chat with their experts and solve the problem instantly.

Steps to Disable Pop-Up Blocker

Running malware scans or creating a backup is something that you must always do in order to protect your data and preventing it from getting lost. Finding it difficult to create the backup? Get in touch with Baba Support experts immediately. For some additional knowledge about fixing the glitch, here are some simple tricks-

  • Go to chrome menu after selecting settings
  • Enter pop-ups
  • Select the control settings option that will also regulate the content
  • Select pop-ups
  • Block the toggle options

disable pop-up blocker

You may also consider deleting the exceptions as they work accordingly to provide a reliable result in fixing the issue.

Popup blocking feature is a useful tool to get rid of the unwanted advertisements popping up everytime on your screens. However, it does not always make the judgment regarding which popup to block. As a result of which, end up blocking some important pop-ups as well.

Thus, the need to disable popup blocker chrome is maximum that will only allow the pop-ups from some specific site that you have permitted access into your browser. In order to check to make sure the ads are getting blocked due to popup blocker feature, see if you have enabled the feature.

Complete the Following steps:

  • Click on Tools → Select pop-up blocker → Go to pop up blocker settings
  • Add the sites that you do not wish to get blocked from sending you pop-ups and enter their location into the web address bar.
  • After completing the steps, click on the close ensuring fulfillment of the process successfully.

          The above steps are ideal to use in case of explorer versions. If you are using google chrome as your default browser, then check for the below provided steps-

  1. Click on the wrench icon that will open the access to browser settings
  2. Click on “options” that will open the dialog box
  3. The select option under the hood
  4. Open the content settings
  5. Open pop up section and see what all sites you have set under “do not allow any site to show pop-ups”
  6. Click on Manage exceptions button and it will help you to make the necessary changes to your content settings.


Take Baba Support Assistance To Disable Pop-up Blocker

The entire process of disabling Chrome popup blocker is a bit confusing and requires expert guidance to overcome the trouble completely. In this case, you will require some evident ways that will provide resourceful help. If you are also in search of some prominent ways to get over the glitch then call today on Baba Support customer support number for Google Chrome issue.

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