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There are times when you want to go through Dell Factory Reset procedure. Although it is an easy process in itself, yet, at times you might miss a silly thing that can mess up the entire process. Hence, it is always good to look for some guidance before you jump into the actions, especially if you are a first-timer.

If you are not good with seeking help online, you can always call our Dell support for assisting you to factory reset your Dell without any hassle. Our experts will guide you through the entire process step by step.

If calling is a problem or you’re too busy to give us a call, just chat with our Dell Support Executives. We’ll reply within seconds. Resetting a Dell laptop implies that you may lose all your important data. So can you preserve them? Why not get in touch with us and get effective solutions?

But Why Do You Need Factory Reset?

Sometimes, factory reset is your last resort to many problems. If you are not able to deal with certain virus or malware, the factory reset will throw it out of your system. If there is some software issue and you have been unable to deal with it, a factory reset can solve all the software problem. And when your system is acting weird and you have no idea why use factory reset for making it behave.

So, there could be many reasons why you might be needing a factory reset. Now let’s see all the ways you can do the Dell Factory Reset.

How To Factory Reset Dell Laptop?

Before you begin the process, there are a few things you must always do.

  • Backup all your important files and data.
  • Connect your laptop with the source of power.
  • Remove your laptop from the docking station, if it is docked.
  • Disconnect all the peripheral connected to it like external hard drive, printer, mouse etc.

Now after you have done these things, we will discuss on how to do the factory reset for different platforms and in different conditions.

Dell Factory Reset

Dell Factory Reset Windows 10

  • Power on your system.
  • As the Dell logo appears, press and hold down CTRL+F11.
  • Release both keys together while the logo is still on the screen.
  • When prompted, select restore and then confirm that you want to go ahead with the reset.
  • Click Finish when the system reset is done.

For Windows Vista And Windows 7

  • Power on your laptop.
  • Keep pressing F8 repeatedly until the popup with advanced boot options menu appears on the screen of your system.
  • Use the arrow key, select repair your computer.
  • Now press enter.
  • When prompted, select your preferred language.
  • Click next.
  • You will be asked to enter Windows username and password.
  • Enter and click next.
  • Select Dell factory image restore.
  • Go to next.
  • Check the box that says ‘yes, reformat hard drive and restore system software to factory condition’.
  • Click on next.
  • When you the restoration is complete, click finish.

For Windows 8

  • From the right side of your screen swipe in.
  • Select settings.
  • Go to power and then select restart.
  • After your system restarts, it will display startup menu.
  • Go to troubleshoot.
  • Click on reset your PC.
  • Hit next.
  • You will see the options on how you want your files removed from the laptop. You can go for a complete and through wipeout or a quick and less thorough wipeout.
  • Your system will be reset and after the completion of the job, you will see a welcome screen.

How to factory Reset Dell Laptop without Password?

If you don’t know the admin password, don’t go looking for the reset key. Remember, there is no Dell Factory reset key for resetting your system, just the arrow keys that help you navigate the menu in the process. But there is a way through which you can reset your Dell without the password. You can do this for resetting your Dell laptop with Windows 8 or Windows 10.

  • Click on the power icon on the login screen.
  • Hold the Shift key and select restart together.
  • Your system will restart and you will be able to see the troubleshooting options.
  • Click on troubleshoot.
  • Select reset your PC.
  • Hit Next.
  • You will see your system rebooting and preparing for rest.
  • Remove my Files from the reset screen and select reset.

Following the above-mentioned ways, you can reset your Dell laptop. If you are still not able to do that, you can ask us for assistance.

When Confused, Ask For Our Guidance:

If you are facing any trouble while factory resetting your Dell, just call our Dell support on the toll-free number +1-866-640-5516. Our experts will take you through the rundown one step at a time. You can also call us for other issues with your Dell laptop. Our team works round the clock to help you with the most effective solutions. You also have the option of chatting with us online on our live chat portal or mail us your queries for an instant response.