How To Solve Windows 10 Freezing Error? Call BabaSupport For Help

Windows 10 is the latest edition in the long chain of popular operating systems developed by Microsoft. But since the release of the Fall Creators Update in October 2017, the operating system has been facing random and weird issues. Windows 10 Freezing time and again is an issue most users are frustrated with and ask ‘how to fix windows 10 freezing error?’ frequently.

Windows OS continually freezing out of the blue for no reason does make the working on it frustrating. But following some easy steps, it can be resolved pretty quickly.

The real hurdle is when the operating system freezes for no reason and without a prior warning. This also adds to the difficulty and makes the troubleshooting even more complicated. So let’s check out how to resolve problems when Windows 10 hangs?

Just remember if you are not tech-savvy enough, you can always connect with the team of experts and avail the service to fix the problem.

How To Fix Windows 10 Freezing Error?

Here are some easy steps that have helped Windows 10 users to resolve the problem. Try these out for yourself and see if you can fix the issue.

Update Windows Driver

Windows 10 Freezing

Driver updates are of utmost importance to avoid problems like Windows 10 freezes and hangs. System drivers give your system stability and compatibility with various programs and newer codes.

Navigate to the control panel and update necessary drivers and reboot your Windows 10 PC. When done, perform tasks that led to Windows 10 freezing errors and check if you are still facing the same.

Clear Windows Temporary Files

Clearing your PC’s temp files usually resolves a lot of problems. If updating the drivers did not solve the matter you can follow the simple guide below and clear the Windows temporary files.

  • Click on Start button and type in the RUN and press Enter to open the command prompt
  • OR
  • Press Windows key + R to do the same
  • In the Run option, type in temp and then press enter, this will redirect you to the Windows temp folder and display all available files
  • Now, select the corrupt temp files and delete them.


This should fix the Windows 10 freezing issue and fix let you access use your computer with ease. But if you are still not able to the problem by removing the temp files, move ahead with the next fix. Or you can get in touch with BabaSupport tech team by calling their Support number. They are available for 24*7.

Windows 10 Freezing


Run a Memory Check

A faulty onboard Memory stick can also contribute to this problem. So before you decide to dump your PC for Windows 10 freezes randomly, troubleshoot the available system memory and see if resolves the issue. Follow these steps.

  • Press the Windows key + R to open the Run function
  • Then in the available field, type in mdsched.exe and press enter to execute the command
  • Windows will generate two option; select your preferred choice to continue with the solution


If you choose to restart now, your PC will reboot and automatically run the Windows Memory Diagnostic Tool. A blue screen will be generated, and the system will check the onboard memory.

If the memory card has any problem, it will be displayed at the end of the scan. This should fix the problems and give you back a workable Windows 10 system without nagging issues.

Not able to fix the problems?  Connect With BabaSupport

Windows 10 Freezing

If implementing the above guides still does not give you any results, you can always give a call; BabaSupport executives are always available to help you out. Connect with the team of BabaSupport experts at +1-888-796-4002  and report the matter. Dial the toll-free BabaSupport number to get quick fixes round the clock. You can give a call or chat with the experts on BabaSupport Live Chat Portal. If neither of these options is available to you, feel free to drop them a mail. They’ll get in touch with them as soon as possible.