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iTunes is a widely used media player developed by the Apple Inc. Although it has brilliant inbuilt features, it too creates unnecessary issues that sometimes become difficult for users to work. Out of the several issues. iTunes Error -1 is the most reported problem by users.

If you are facing the same issue and is unable to fix it on your own, connect with the experts to get the best solutions to fix the error quickly.  

Primary Reasons Causing The Error

When you try to connect the iOS devices to iTunes, many users may get the “Error(1)” message. The device’s baseband firmware usually causes this issue. The iTunes in the system may also cause the problem. This issue pops up when the user is trying to restore their iOS device, or iTunes Error (-1) may be caused even by the data that is corrupted during the restoration process. The error message may read “This iPhone could not be restored. An unknown error(-1) occurred & occurs when the user tries to restore their iPhone or iPad using iTunes on a computer while a device is connected to it. You may also encounter this issue when the Y baseband chip in the phone is corrupt. This is strictly a hardware issue.

Ways To Troubleshoot iTunes Error -1

Troubleshooting iTunes Error -1 can be done if the user has a basic knowledge of technology. However, taking expert guidance is recommended for the safety of your device and the smooth functioning while fixing the error. Here we have presented a few of the natural methods to resolve iTunes error.

Method 1 – Disable the anti-virus and the firewall

Your systems default Firewall can cause this issue. Therefore, try to disable the default Firewall or any other added antivirus that you have on your system. This would be one of the easiest ways to fix the iTunes Error -1.

You need to go to your system’s Control Panel directly and click on System & Security. For the Windows version, go to the Control Panel and click on the Firewall option.

When the firewall settings open, turn it off by clicking on the “Turn off Windows Firewall” option. Restart your system and then try to connect to your phone to iTunes again.

Method 2 – Update iTunes

Using an outdated version of iTunes that is no longer supported in your device might create this error code. You need to upgrade your iTunes regularly to avoid these glitches. You need to go to the iTunes tab and click on the “Check for Updates” button to check for the latest updates. For Windows users, you can find this under the “Help” section. Now follow the instruction that displays on your screen.

Method 3 –  Download the IPSW file

You can also download the IPSW file to resolve the iTunes error.  It is a raw iOS update file that can be used to update your device with the support of iTunes. You can implement it by following these steps:

  1. Download the IPSW file for your iOS device. Make sure that you have downloaded the correct version.
  2. Connect your device to the system to launch iTunes. Now press on the Shift key and click on the “Update” button. If you are a Mac user, press ALT and command keys while clicking C. A browser will open where you can locate the saved IPSW file. Load the file and follow the instructions. Update your phone using the IPSW file.

Method 4 – Connect to another computer

If none of the techniques work out to resolve the iTunes error 1 then try to connect your phone to another system. This can fix the glitches that you are encountering. If your device does not work on the other computer, then your device might malfunction. You can connect with the experts for further guidance.

Contact With Babasupport Professionals for Immediate Assistance

In case you are unable to fix the error even after performing the steps mentioned above connect with the experts. They have the best problem-solving solutions for the glitches that you are encountering. The experts are available 24*7 to serve you with the best solutions. There are a few modes of communication that you can avail to reach us.

Call –  You can call at Apple Support Number  +1-800-917-0185and discuss the glitches that you are encountering with the professionals of Babasupport team. They will provide immediate solutions to resolve your iTunes issue.

EMail – You can also send your queries by dropping an email at the official email ID. The professionals will provide you with helpful answers as soon as they receive the email.

Live Chat – However, you can also speak to the technicians through the Live Chat Portal and get instant replies.

Don’t delay to avail our services. The experts are just a call away!

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