How To Fix Mac Error 13014-Get Effective Solutions In Your Budget

Mac Error 13014 is an alert message which appears on your Mac’s screen when you sync music to iPhone, iPad or iPod touch. The error states that there is some problem in synchronizing your device or copying a specific song to your device. If you try to sync many songs simultaneously this error can arise. Any of the songs you want to sync may also be causing the error, especially when you have not collected it from an original source. Your Mac device should have the latest version of software updates in order to prevent this error.

What are the Important Causes of Mac Error 13014?

The most prominent causes of this error in your Mac are:

  • The preliminary cause can be corrupt download or incomplete installation of iTunes on Mac.
  • This error can be an indication of the presence of any virus or malware on your Mac computer.
  • Accidental or incomplete deletion of iTunes-related files by some other program is another reason.
  • Damaged or corrupted files of iTunes or Windows system.
  • If any recent changes in your iTunes programs are carried out or there is any misconfiguration in the Windows registry then this error will occur.

mac error 13014

An unusual source of this error can be any invalid registry entry on your device. Accumulation of a lot of junk files on your PC makes iTunes respond slowly. As a result, Mac Error 13014 happens due to file conflicts or overloaded hard drive. The installed antivirus on your system is also occasionally responsible for this error. The older version of iTunes interferes with the synchronization of music. Improper operations on the system or misconfigured system settings is another apparent reason.

Elementary Ways to Solve Mac Error 13014

The competent way to secure your Mac device from this error permanently is available with our experts. Our dedicated customer support system helps customers to solve any Mac-related Error. Still, for your convenience below are some simple steps.

  • Update the latest version of iTunes if your device does not have it. Then re-run iTunes and reboot your device.
  • Disable the problematic antivirus software temporarily.
  • Once again run your iTunes and sync your device to check whether it resolves your problem.
  • Find out whether there is an issue with the third-party security software.  If any such issue is there then change the setup of that software and sync your device again.

If you have stored the media files in your iTunes library in several locations then shift them to one location. This process can solve your problem. Clear the cache and system junk from the startup drive or your home directory in your Mac. Reset PRAM and SMC on your Mac to fix any hardware issue.

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