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A trackpad is an input pointing device in laptop, portable media players and other digital assistants. It is a pointing device and can be a good alternative to a mouse when enough disk space is not available. Therefore, if you find that either your trackpad or mouse is not working it will hamper your work. Mac users often say that either Mac trackpad not working or Mac mouse not working.

Issues Faced by Mac Trackpad and Mouse Users

  • The pointer is moving involuntarily around the screen when they use their Mac trackpad.
  • Mac trackpad is not moving the pointer on the computer’s screen.
  • Mac trackpad is creating erratic behavior.
  • The mouse of Mac laptop or computer is not scrolling up or down or side to side.
  • Mac Mouse is not responding intermittently.
  • MacBook Pro trackpad is unresponsive.
  • The trackpad of the MacBook air keyboard stopped working after login.
  • Double click of Mac’s mouse is not working.
  • It is hard to control the pointer.

Mac Trackpad Not Working

What are the Reasons for Mac Trackpad Not Working?

If you are operating your trackpad with wet hands then your trackpad can create problems. Secondly, if the operating system is not responding then your trackpad will not work. A frozen computer will not allow the functioning of your trackpad. Fourthly, any connected USB device or PS/2 input devices may disable your trackpad. Fifthly, any misconfigured settings with your mouse can be another cause of this problem. Older versions of drivers may also result in the malfunctioning of your trackpad. A disabled trackpad in CMOS(BIOS) setup is another reason. Corrupt operating system files may be an obstruction for your trackpad. Change the trackpad setting on your system because there can be some settings issue. If other reasons are not causing this problem then your hardware or trackpad is defective.

How to make Mac Trackpad and Mouse work

You can again restore the working of your Mac trackpad and Mac mouse by reporting your problem to our customer support. Below are a handful of measures which you can apply to check whether they solve your problem or not.

  • Install the latest version of the operating system on your device.
  • Repair damaged hardware.
  • Enable trackpad in CMOS(BIOS).
  • Disconnect any external device such as USB cable or mouse from your device.
  • If you delete input property list files then your Mac will create new files for your device. Then reboot your Mac and check whether it has cured the problem.

Disable the built-in trackpad on your Mac device and use a mouse or an external trackpad in its place. A swelling battery can cause erratic behavior of trackpad. So Charge your battery or replace it. Boot your device in safe mode sometimes solve this issue. Delete recent apps on your device check the function of your trackpad. Disable force click and reset the Mac System Management Controller.

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