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Compact discs of CDs are something no one can deny the importance off. Storing data and giving portability the, CDs are of utmost importance. Even after the rise of cloud networking and storage services CD remain essential. Older and overused CDs getting stuck is also a problem user have to deal with. If you are an Apple computer user and looking for how to eject CD from Mac, you have clicked on the best available guide.

CDs getting stuck is not such a big of a deal as it can happen anytime and also for plenty of reasons. The problem is also not just limited to a single platform. It can arise out of the blue on both Windows and Mac computers. So if you are facing the issue and looking for ways to eject cd from Mac computers let’s see how.

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eject cd from mac

How to Eject CD From Mac?

If you are looking for answers to the question ‘How to eject disc from Mac?’, firstly there is more than one way you can perform this task. Below listed are some of the most common ways you can do this and get the job done in a matter of seconds. Go through the guide and choose the best possible method for ejecting the CD.

Using Dedicated Keys on Keyboard

Plenty of Mac dedicated keyboard has individual buttons with special functions to perform specific tasks with only one click. If you use such a manual to locate the key, it should be available from the top-right half on the keyboard. Press the Mac Eject CD button, and the tray will slide out automatically.

Using Function Keys

Did you know you can also perform the above method using a keyboard designed for Mac? Yes, the function keys have hidden functions and tricks that you probably didn’t know about.

On the connected keyboard press and hold down the F12 for some seconds to perform the task. Press and hold down the key for around 10 seconds to eject CD on Mac and the tray will slide out.

Use applet on Menu Bar

If you already have an appellate already created on your Mac system’s menu bar, you can use that to eject the stuck optical disc. If it’s not available, you can always look for instructions to create on and eject cd on Mac.


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Eject CD from Mac

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