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If you are a gamer, then you should keep your graphics driver updated to maximize your gaming performance. In a Lenovo laptop, one of the most common issues that users face is operating a video card. It may be a result of backdated driver version. The only easy solution to this problem is to update Lenovo graphics driver. Updated drivers come with excellent new features. Moreover, it also provides backup and restores functions.    

Is It Necessary To Update Lenovo Graphics Driver?

Lenovo graphics driver

The driver controls a system. Like any other computer application update, a driver also has updates and new features. Security updates or any other bug fixes are updated automatically, but a driver cannot be updated automatically. Hence, you should ensure that the driver is updated or not.

Gamers usually have a knack for updating video card driver. For maximum gaming performance, upgrading the video card driver is necessary to run a game when it needs an updated driver. It boosts up your entire gaming performance.

All in all, updated driver fixes most of the issues, and so the graphics driver does.

You should keep in mind:

  1. If your Lenovo laptop is not going through any glitches, then Lenovo graphics driver update is not necessary to perform. Otherwise, it can bring drastic changes to your laptop software.
  2. It is very much essential to select the right driver for your video card to avoid laptop crash.

Lenovo Graphics Card Driver Update – An Overview Of The Process

You need not bother much about getting a new latest update of your graphics driver. All you need to do first is, get an idea about what version of the driver you are accessing.

Just open Device Manager and click on the properties of the driver. It will let you know that whether you should download the version or it is already installed in the laptop if you are buying a new one. You can also enable, disable, install or uninstall a driver by this step.

How to update graphics driver Lenovo?

It just takes a few steps to update Lenovo graphics driver. Follow up the given steps

  • Click on the start button and go the Control Panel.
  • You can see the Device Manager.
  • Next, you click on the Device Adapter option.
  • You can now click on the update driver software and start searching for a new version of the driver automatically.
  • Following the above steps, you should restart your laptop.
  • You can manually update it. For this, you need to write down the name of the video card from Device Manager.
  • After that, go to a manufacturer’s site and select driver download.
  • Run your updated driver and then restart your laptop.

Thus, your laptop is ready to perform a new driver software. Having the latest downloads of your driver helps you in optimizing the performance of your computer.

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Lenovo graphics driver


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