Android Error Code 495- How To Resolve It In Simple Steps

We usually use the WiFi for downloading and updating the apps on our phone. It saves our mobile data and gets things done quickly. Among the most common issues in Android smartphones isĀ Android error code 495.

It is the error that occurs while you are usingĀ WiFi connection to download the apps and games from the play store. The work gets done easily over your data connection. Its fine as long as the apps and games are of small size. But what about the ones that are huge? It will consume all your mobile data.

Reasons For Android Error 495

Although there is no certain reason for this error, there are two probable reasons. Either the connection to the Google Play servers times out, where the app is hosted. Or, the play store couldn’t sync with the servers.

Tips For Resolving Android Error Code 495

We have collected a few ways with which you can resolve this issue. Here are a few of them.

Clear the Google Play cache

This is the classic way of resolving most issues, primarily related to the Google Play Store. Open the list of all the apps from the settings. Navigate to the Google Play Store and tap on it to open it. Now click on clear cookies and caches. Repeat the same process from top to end with the Google Service Framework. Now see if you still face Android error code 495.

Remove your account

Navigate to account option in the settings of your phone and go to Google. Now delete your Gmail account. Now to the apps and look for the Play Store. Clear the caches and cookies and force stop the store. Repeat the same process from beginning to end for the Download Manager and as well as Google Service Framework. Restart your smartphone and add your Gmail account back. This will resolve the Android error 495.

Install a VPN

Find the app named Hideman VPN in the Play Store and install it or directly install .apk file. Now, open the app and in the country selection, select the country. Now try to connect the app. After the connection is established, open the Play Store and see if you can now download the apps over the Wifi connection.

Disable Android Device Manager

Google uses the device manager to locate your lost smartphone. Disabling it before downloading the apps over Wifi might resolve the Android error code 495. To disable the device manager go to the additional settings option on your settings and then move to the privacy settings. Now find the device admin apps and deselect the find my device option.

Usually one or a combination of the solutions will resolve the issue of downloading apps or games over the Wifi. However, in case the problem persists, contact Babasupport for further assistance.

Baba Support Contact Channels

You can contact Baba Support experts by calling us on our toll-free technical support number +1-800-917-0185. We also provide support for Android over the email and live chat. You can contact us on any communication channel for troubleshooting this issue.

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