Error Archive Is Password Protected(42056) How To Troubleshoot?

Avast is one of the best antivirus software for your PCs and laptops available worldwide. Although just like all the other antivirus it also has some issues. A standout amongst the most common error is Avast error 42056. In fact, users repeatedly had reported the error and requested for the solutions. Don’t worry, and your wait is over are here to encourage you.  

Run time Error such as error archive is password protected 42056 can be caused due to the variety of factors. So it’s important to troubleshoot the avast error 42056 as soon as possible.

Causes Of The Avast Antivirus Error 42056

The error can occur during the application installations, during system startup or shutdown, or even at the time of installation of the operating system.

It can make your computer slow and behave in an unexpected way like system shutdowns unexpectedly or may crashes etc.

  1. The system regularly gets freezes and the system responds slowly.
  2. Corrupt download or incomplete installation of Avast. Also, corruption in windows registry.
  3. Virus or any malware function that has ruined your system files.

After knowing the causes, now let’s focus on the easy hacks to fix the issue on your own.

Easy Steps to Troubleshoot Avast Error 42056

Here are the mentioned steps to troubleshoot the error. Follow the steps carefully and get rid of the error.

Method 1: Repair Registry Keys

You can repair your registry keys to fix the issues on your own. In that case, follow the instructions given below.

  1. Tap on the Start button. Then type command in the search box and without pressing “Enter,” go to the next step. After that click the CTRL + Shift + Enter keys altogether.
  2. A message will arrive asking you for the permission and then click the yes button.” and now, type a command “regedit” and click  “Enter” key.
  3. Select the key associated with Error 42056 in the Registry Editor. After that, from the “File” menu choose “Export” option from the “File” menu.
  4. Select the location in the “Save In” list where you want to save the key. In the “Filename” box, enter a name for the backup file such as Avast Antivirus Backup.
  5. After ward, in the “Export Range” menu, choose the given option “Selected branch.” Then click the Save button.

Now, you have successfully created the backup file of the Avast Antivirus registry.

After that, restart your device and check whether you have fixed the issue or not, if not, then follow the next method given below.

Method 2: Close The Conflicting Program

You can also close the conflicting program to resolve the glitch on your own. In that case, follow the instructions given below.

  1. Go to the search bar and type Task Manager. Otherwise, click Ctrl-Alt-Del at the same time to open the task manager.
  2. Here, you will be able to see the list of programs which are currently running.
  3. Now, go to the process tab.
  4. Here, you have to close the programs one by one by highlighting each of the programs.
  5. Click on the End process button.

After that, check the status of the error. If it persists then follow the next instructions given below.

Method 3: Reinstall Or Update Conflicting Program

You can reinstall or update conflicting program to overcome the particular issue on your own.

Using Control Panel

  1. In case of Windows 7, click on the start button, then tap on the start button, after that, go the programs and features. Finally, from that list uninstall the conflicting program.
  2. In the case of Windows 8, tap on the start button and scroll down as well as tap on the More settings. After that, go to the control panel and uninstall a program.
  3. For, Windows 10, type “control panel” in the search box, after that, click on the result. After that, tap on the Uninstall a program option.
  4. Inside the programs and features, in every case, you have to click on the conflicting program and delete it.
  5. In case, if you choose the update option, then you have to follow the prompt, in order to complete the task. In case of choosing the uninstall button, you have to follow the on screen instructions to complete the uninstallation process. After that, go to the developer’s website and download the current version of the application.

You can also use another method to fix the conflicting program.

Using Other Methods

You can also try some other methods, in order to fix the matter. In that case, do the following steps.

  1. In the case of Windows 7, you can find the list of the installed programs when you tap on the start button. After that, scroll down the mouse on the list which appears in the tab. Here, you will be able to see the list of the utility to uninstall the program. You can go through and uninstall them using the utility.
  2. For Windows 10, you have to click on the start then go to the settings as well as choose the Apps.
  3. Once done, scroll down to see the installed applications of your computer.
  4. After that, click on the program, due to which you are getting the run time error. then you can tap on the uninstall option or click on the Advanced options to reset the application.

After that, check whether you become successful to fix the same error or not.

Method 3: Update The Virus Protection

If you are using an outdated version of your virus protection application, then you can encounter this kind of run time error with your device. In that case, make sure that, you are using the current version of the virus protection application. Also, try to update the virus protection after some time.

Method 4: Reinstall The Run time Libraries

You can also get particular error due to some misconfiguration present in your system. In that case, try to uninstall as well as reinstall the Run time libraries overcome the same issue.

  1. In that case, go to the Programs and Features, after that, locate and highlight the e Microsoft Visual C++ package and uninstall it.
  2. Tap on the Uninstall at the top of the list, once done, reboot your device.
  3. After that, download the latest package from the Microsoft after that uninstall it.

If the error persists then follow the next method given below.

Method 5: Run Disk Cleanup

You can also perform a disk clean up, in order to fix the issue on your own. In that case, do the following:

  1. After performing a disk clean up, at first, you have to back u your files as well as free up some space on your hard drive.
  2. In this case, you can also clear the cache and reboot your device. To perform so, open the explorer window and right click on the main directory.
  3. After that, click on the properties and tap on the disk clean up.

Once done, check the status of the error. If it persists, then follow the further instructions.

Method 6: Reinstall Graphics Driver

You can also try to reinstall the graphics driver, in order to troubleshoot the matter, using the steps mentioned below.

  1. Open your device manager and find your graphics driver.
  2. Once done, place a right click on the video card driver and then restart your computer.

You can also fix the same error by resetting the browser.

Method 7: Reset Your Browser

For Windows 7

You can also try to reset your browser to overcome the same issue.

  1. In that case, click on the start and open the control panel.
  2. Now, choose the internet options from the left side.
  3. After that, click on the Advanced tab and after that, tap on the reset button.

For Windows 8 and 10

In the case of these two browsers. You have to click on the search bar and type the internet options. Once done, go to the advanced tab and click on the reset option. After that, check the status of the error. This time, you will be able to resolve the matter on your own.

Hopefully, using these steps, you will be able to resolve the matter on your own. To complete the task hazard freely, try to follow each and every step carefully. It is recommended not to jump any one of them. If you have any further queries related to the provided solutions, then you can leave a comment in the comment section

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