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Epson is undoubtedly the best printer on the market. However, they aren’t perfect. One of the most common issues that you might face is Epson printer error code 97. This error appears anytime without any warning or signals.

It can pop up in the middle of the printing process with the indicator asking you to turn off and on the printer. During that time, the printer will stop functioning.  

What Causes Epson Printer Error Code 97?

You can encounter this error when your printer has some issue with the internal hardware. It is most common with Epson printer models of- 3620, 4630, 3640, and 7610.

Epson printer error code 97 usually occurs upon the failure of the motherboard or the malfunctioning of other internal components. When this error occurs, your printer will suddenly turn off and stop functioning.

You can try some quick fixes and see if you can resolve this particular error by yourself. If you are unable to resolve these issues, then it might be something catastrophic where you will need the help of an expert.

Solutions For Epson Printer Error Code 97

Here are some simple steps with which you can fix this error by yourself.

Try Unplugging and Plugging-In Again

Disconnect all the cables and the USB cords drivers. Remove the cartridges. While your printer is turned off, disconnected from the power supply, press the power button and keep it held down for draining any residual power in the printer. Now plug in all the peripherals and cables back. Reinstall the ink cartridges and turn on the power. This should resolve Epson printer error code 97.

Advanced Unplug And Plug-In Method

Turn off your printer and unplug it from the power source. Remove all the peripherals and cables. Let it cool down for five minutes. Now, hold down the power button for at least a minute and keep it like that. Don’t release the power button but plug in the Power Cord. Keep the power button down for another a minute and then release it. This will fire up your printer. Now see if the error code 97 Epson printer is resolved.

Clean The Clogged Nozzles

Clogged nozzles could also be the reason for Epson printer error code 97.  The simple way to troubleshoot this error, in this case, is to clean the nozzle.

For cleaning the nozzle, begin with turning the power off and removing the power cord. Open the casting and take a wet tissue and fold it so that it fits the print head. Use the cleaning fluid that has ammonia.

Now place this tissue in the center of the track on which the printer head moves. Now position the printhead at the center with the tissue under it. Let it be for 12 hours. After some time, remove the tissue and restart your printer. This will resolve the error.

Install The Missing Drivers

Use the Windows troubleshooter to detect the issue with the printer drivers. If the drivers are outdated or missing, the troubleshooter will do the needful accordingly. You can also check the drivers manually if you know which drivers you need to search for. Restart the printer and Epson printer error code 97 will be resolved by now.

Usually one or a combination of the above methods can resolve the issue. If not, contact an expert since this can be somewhat complicated at times.

Expert Help With A Call

If Epson printer error code 97 persists, contact Babasupport professionals for resolving this issue effectively. You can call the experts at Email Support Number +1-800-917-0185

You can also drop us an email with your issues and queries or live chat with our experts for availing support for Epson printers.

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