FBI Virus Issues: Learn How to Get Rid of FBI Virus With Baba Support

FBI Virus, which is also known as FBI Moneypak scam, which is one of the latest malware thefts. It takes your computer hostage, and after that, it demands you to pay an amount of fine to unlock your computer. Then a message will come to you and will claim that you have illegally visited the copyrighted content like videos, music, and software.Fix FBI Virus Issues


The cyber-criminal requests a payment within 48 to 72 hrs to disappear the ban on your computer accordingly. This malware is called ransomware, and its main aim is to demand payment from the victim.

As a result, the scammer will promise you to unlock your computer. But the money is taken by the cyber-criminal and the virus rather than paying the FBI. Still, you will find that the virus is not removed. Don’t worry we are here to provide you with the solutions to fix the FBI virus.

Steps to remove FBI virus:

This threat will ask you to send money to unlock your computer. Otherwise, it will make you think that your computer is no longer accessible. Follow the below steps to remove this virus from your computer, to protect from damage.

Start the computer in Safe mode with networking:

  • At first restart your computer.
  • After starting the computer, press the F8 key, until the boot menu displays.
  • Utilize the arrow keys on your keyboard to choose Safe mode with Networking in the Advanced Boot Options menu.
  • Then hit Enter.

Download and run Norton Power Eraser:

Fix FBI Virus Issues

  • At first download Norton Power Eraser.
  • Select Save.
  • As a location please select Desktop, and then select Save.
  • Then double-click the NPE.exe file to run Norton Power Eraser. But remind one thing, if the User Account Control window prompts, select Yes or Continue.
  • After reading the license agreement, select Accept.
  • After that, select the Scan for Risks icon in the Norton Power Eraser window.
  • Norton Power Eraser works a Rootkit scan and needs a system restart. When you see that you are requested to restart the computer, select Restart.
  • While the computer is restarting, you have to make sure that you start your computer in Safe mode in Networking again.
  • To run the scan please follow the on-screen instructions.
  • Norton Power Eraser detects the threats, after fixing them start your computer in normal mode.

Reset Browser Settings:

  • You have to reset your browser settings if your browser is locked by those threats.

Well, these are the ways by which you can learn how to get rid of FBI virus. In case if you fail to fix your problems by following this steps, just connect with Baba Support.


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