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Apple Inc. is a renowned brand in the field of technology. Along with various outstanding features and software, it successfully occupies the top place in the global market. However, despite that, often you may face issues while backing up your data through iTunes. In that case, you may encounter iTunes error 0x80004005 while downloading the latest iTunes in your Mac or iPhone. If you want a quick solution, then reach out to Baba Support Technical Assistance Team for Apple Support in the first instance.

Have A  Closer Look Into The iTunes error 0x80004005

iPhone can recover the lost data through iCloud and iTunes. But, in many instances, using iTunes for back up purpose may bring in several error codes. Unfortunately, the errors start revealing, when you start downloading your lost data or updating your iPhone. In such scenarios, iTunes stops working due to an authentication problem and “ iTunes error 0x80004005” message.

What Causes The error?

Multiple reasons can cause the error. Let us analyze some of the causes-

  • Your system may crash without showing any specific message or glitch. Even, the hardware devices fail to respond in such cases. They become very nagging, and even your Apple device may shut down automatically.
  • The other probable cause could be due to the hardware failure and miscommunication between iOS with hardware. An outdated iTunes can also create the problem to a large extent. You may face the occasional freezing of your computing devices.
  • Sometimes, even the malicious collisions can trigger the problem and block some of the essential components of iTunes.

So, these are the most apparent reasons for iTunes Error. It surely will help you sort the problem quickly. Alternatively, you can also try some conventional steps mentioned below and try to resolve the issue by yourself.

How To Fix iTunes error 0x80004005 When Restoring or Updating iPhone

Now, here are the solutions that you can try, to ditch iTunes error 0x80004005.

Solution 1: Update and Reinstall iTunes To The Latest Version


Step 1: Turn on your MAC on and open the App Store.  Click on the ‘Update option.

Step 2: Now, check whether any MacOS or iTunes options are there. Click on the required option to fix the iTunes error 0x80004005.

If you can’t find the above menu options, connect with us for Technical Support.

For iPhone

First, connect your iPhone with the PC and select iTunes icon. Choose your mobile device and confirm by clicking on it. Finally, click on the ‘Summary options and select the ‘Update’ option.

Solution 2: Restore the lost data

Sometimes, Virus can spoil your system and show an error 0x80004005 while you are restoring your lost data and updating your Apple device. To resolve the error follow the steps-

Step 1: Click the Apple Menu tab from the toolbar. Select System Preferences option.

Step 2: Goto Antivirus security software section and click on Firewall option.

Step 3: Finally, choose “Stop” to disable the security option.

Get in Touch With Baba Support

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You may dial our  Baba Support number  +1-800-917-0185 So, make a call and get the most straightforward solutions if you are thinking about iTunes error 0x80004005. Our Baba Support support Email Id for Apple is [email protected] Now, you can drop an email to our helpdesk mailing address, or do a live chat with our engineers. We assure to respond you within a shortest possible time frame.

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