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iTunes is an application developed by Apple. It is a freeware that is available for free in the market. You can download and use iTunes in different Operating Systems such as macOS, Windows 7 or Windows 10. iTunes satisfies its users in both the faculty for entertainment as well as serving as a business application. iTunes’ biggest advantage is its cost and its impeccable integration with iOS Devices. But iTunes has few technical flaws, and the iTunes update error is a popular one among the people worldwide.

Probable Causes Of iTunes Update Error

If you are having problems in regards to installing and updating iTunes in your device, then you can follow the causes of the error listed below.

Windows Installer Package Error

This the most common issue for your iTunes update error Windows 10. Here you cannot download or install the iTunes application on your Windows 10 Operating System. If you are trying to install an incompatible version of the Apple Software Update on your computer, then you can expect to face this problem.

iTunes Error 7

Similar to the above cause, the error can also occur if you are using a Windows 7 Operating System. If you have not installed iTunes helper, then you may also receive this error.

Apple Application Support Not Found

If you are using an old version of Windows or if you are not running your computer as the administrator, then you may face this issue.

Solutions Of iTunes Update Error

Now that we have seen the causes of the problem, we shall discuss the answers for the same.

Repair iTunes

  • Open Control Panel and navigate to Programs and Features from the Programs section.
  • Right-click on the Apple Software Update and select the repair option. Follow the wizard to finish repairing the iTunes
  • Restart your Windows Operating System.

Reinstall Apple Software

  • Open Control Panel and navigate to Programs and Features from the Programs section.
  • Right -click on all the Apple Software and select the uninstall option. Follow the wizard to finish uninstalling the iTunes.
  • Reinstall your Apple iTune once again.

Resolve iTunes Error 7

Open the Search box and type C:\Windows\System32 in the same. Remove the files msvcp100.dll, msvcp120.dll, msvcp140.dll, msvcr100.dll, msvcp100.dll, and vcruntime140.dll. After you have finished doing so go back to the Control Panel. Under the Program and Features section choose the Apple software and right-click on it. Now, click on the option Repair.

Other Fixes

Update the Windows Operating System. You can also choose to back up your files before updating. Use the Administrator account and delete all the cache left by uninstalled applications. Disable third-party antivirus and firewalls because it may create conflict with the Apple servers.

Reboot your system and then try opening your Apple iTunes application again.

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