Fix Nvidia Runtime Error In Easy And Quick Steps

Nvidia is an excellent tool for designing and developing the GPUs. Apart from this, it also designs system on a chip unit for mobile computing. Besides these, GeForce Experience updates your drivers as well. But sometimes, users on a Windows 10 device may find Nvidia runtime error.

Thus, this article contains some easy fixes related to Nvidia GeForce experience. First, let’s have a view on the predicaments of Nvidia GeForce experience runtime error. Also, our Baba support team will assist you in the entire process.

Nvidia GeForce Experience Error | Possible Reasons

Before executing the fixes, you should be conscious of the circumstances that can result in this error. Also, you can fix the problem with efficiency if you already know the reasons behind it. Hence, we are providing some of the most apparent causes that can influence Nvidia runtime error.

  • You may experience Nvidia Geforce runtime error after Windows 10 update. This shows that the new update is not compatible with your device. So, Windows 10 could be a culprit to Nvidia issue.
  • Also, this error can befall due to the improper Windows 10 configuration in your device.
  • Plus, the broken or defected drivers also include in this list.
  • Moreover, the malicious malware in your device may cause this error.

Nvidia Runtime Error | Troubleshooting Steps

Hence, we have pulled out the culprits of the issue. Now, move on to the troubleshooting methods. Promptly, we will be walking through some of the most absolute fixes.

Method 1: Update Nvidia Driver

An outdated Nvidia driver could present you Nvidia GeForce Experience runtime error. All driver cards including Nvidia driver must be up to date. If you don’t update your drivers, it will become obsolete and may function inappropriately. So, we recommend you to upgrade your Nvidia driver to its latest version and see if the error persists.   

Method 2: Kill Nvidia Processes And Remove The Related Files

If the previous method doesn’t fix the error, try to stop all the Nvidia tasks from your system. Also, you should try removing its related files. Follow the command to end Nvidia processes.

First, go to the Task Manager and then click on the Processes tab. Now, You can stop Nvidia tasks from here.

C:\Windows\System32\DriverStore\FileRepository\nvdsp.inf file

Complete the process by rebooting your system. Note that you select Custom and move on to Perform a clean installation.

Method 3: Turn off Antivirus Softwares

At times, some antivirus blocks certain files which can lead to Nvidia runtime error. Many users who run antivirus software have been complaining about the same issue. So if you are also using an antivirus, consider removing it temporarily. You can now check whether the problem continues or not.

Method 4: Uninstall Third Party Softwares

Also, the third party software in your device can cause Nvidia GeForce Experience runtime error. The third party software can also interrupt other software in your system. So if you have installed such software, then remove it from your device.

Therefore, after performing all these methods, restart your device. If the above methods don’t fix Nvidia runtime error Windows 10, then contact our BABA support team.

Contact For Tech Support

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