Advanced Troubleshooting For Outlook Error Code 3253

Many people use Outlook as an email platform for its diversified features. But like other email clients, it also suffers from error codes, and one of them is Outlook error code 3253.

This error states that there is a drop in connection or connection to the server is lost. Users can receive emails but will be unable to send emails. It stores the email in the outbox. Error code 3253 Outlook Mac does not warn users before appearing.

You can take an expert help if you cannot eliminate this error code by the solutions in this article. However, try out these solutions anfd see if you can solve this problem on your own.

Causes Of Outlook Error Code 3253

  • A large number of emails in your Outlook sent box will put stress on the client-server-communication. It will lead to a failed internet connection, and the error code will take place.
  • An incorrect server setting of the incoming and outgoing server ports can cause this error.
  • The problem can occur because of an incorrect installation of Outlook on client computers.
  • Damaged or corrupted Outlook on your computer
  • Corruption in Windows registry due to installation or uninstallation of Microsoft Outlook related software

Apart from these, below is a set of other possible causes.

A virus or malware might have corrupted Windows system files or Microsoft Outlook related program files. Another program on your computer would have maliciously or accidentally deleted Microsoft Outlook related files. Accumulation of temporary files and folders can create system junk if you do not remove them. Outdated PC drivers can be another source for this problem. A corrupt installation of Windows can show Outlook error code 3253. The recent changes which you have made to the operating system may not support Outlook and give rise to this error.

How Can You Solve The Outlook Error Code 3253?

Delete Old Outlook Preferences

To delete old Outlook preferences, click on Spotlight Search Glass and open Terminal. Type ‘defaults delete and select Return to delete the old preferences. Type ‘kill all cfprefsd’ and hit Return to clear cached preferences. After the process is over, restart Outlook.

Create A New Email Account In A New Outlook Profile

Under Applications folder, right-click on MS Outlook and select Show Package Contents. Then select Shared Support, Outlook Profile Manager and create a new profile. To choose the desired account type, choose Add Account.

Repair PST File

To repair PST manually, select your PST file then choose a scanning process and click on Repair. Use professional repair tools to restore corrupted Outlook data files(PST). If you do not select a proper software, it can alter the original file during the repair process. Since this task is a bit risky, you can connect with Baba Support for help.

Add An Exchange Account

Choose the Add option and select the ‘Exchange’ icon. Enter the necessary information for your exchange account and select the ‘Configure automatically’ option. It will configure your account automatically.

Some Extra Tips

Update the driver and the Windows of your computer. Use Disk Cleanup to clean out the system junk. Scan your PC for a virus or malware and use an antivirus to check if your computer has any malware or bugs causing the error.

Undo any recent changes which you have made on your PC. Uninstall the existing version of Windows and install the updated version of Windows on your computer. Run Windows system file checker for restoring corruptions in Windows system files. If a Microsoft Outlook related program is causing this problem, uninstall it for reinstallation.

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