Fix Plugin Container For Firefox Has Stopped Working With Foolproof Methods

Plugin-container is an add-on feature of Firefox that helps to avoid the crashes that are occuring by the plugin. At times when this error pops up, often users are being frustrated. To avoid Firefox from shutting itself due to a clash, all the plugins are stored in the Plugin Container. If you are a Firefox user, then it is utmost essential procedures to fix plugin container for Firefox has stopped working.

Keeping this in mind we are going to discuss some of the reliable hacks that will provide you with the most fruitful results. Hence, go through the article minutely and execute those exactly the same as mentioned below.

Know What Causes Firefox Plugin Container Crashing

There are multiple causes that are the main culprits behind the appearance of this error. Before rectifying any error the first and foremost step is to identify the cause of it. Hence, have a deep look at the reasons and learn more about it.

  • Corrupt Windows Registry key that is linked with plugin container.
  • Virus or malware attack in your device and corrupt the files that are related to plugin container.
  • Any important files deleted mistakenly from the device.
  • Incomplete or corrupt installation of Firefox software.
  • Confliction between Firefox and the shared referenced files.

How To Fix Plugin Container For Firefox Has Stopped Working?

Before proceeding with the steps the first and foremost thing that you should do is to save all the data and the information. Because while resetting or reinstalling Firefox your previous data will be erased. In order to fix the glitch, better technical solutions are required which is provided below.

Method 1: Update Your Flash Player

Updating your Flash player is the basic solution to solve the glitch at one go. Because an outdated Flash can lead to various issues including Firefox plugin container crashing. Here are some possible tricks available that are described briefly. To do so at first, you need to start Firefox on your system. Then, type firefox: //components in the address bar. After that, press the Enter key and navigate to the Flash option. Then, select the option ‘Check for update’ by clicking on it. In case, if you notice any of the options that are either “Component not updated” or “Component updated” then be sure that you are in renewed version. Finally, move back to the Flash Content page. If it doesn’t start automatically, then you have to click on the option Reload that is shown in the top left. Finally, check if the error is still prevailing on your system or has resolved.

Method 2: Reset Firefox

If the above method is not reliable for you then you can try resetting Firefox. Have a look if the date of the programs coincides with the Firefox error and stops working. Finally, its time to reset your Firefox browser with proper steps. Follow the procedures and fix the glitch instantly.

  • Go to Mozilla Firefox and navigate to the Menu icon that is located at the top right corner and looks like three horizontal lines.
  • As soon as the address bar opens, type in “about support” and hit the Enter button from the keyboard. After that, the Troubleshooting information page will appear on the window.
  • Now Refresh Firefox and do the same on the confirmation screen.
  • Finally, click on Finish and restart Firefox and also check if the issue is still stuck on the screen or resolved.

Method 3: Disable Hardware Acceleration

Hardware acceleration helps to improve the performance of the browser but also it has some glitches as well. Thus disabling the “Hardware acceleration” can solve the issue without creating trouble. First, choose the Menu icon and then tap on Option. After that navigate to General Panel and click on it. Now, select Performance Section and then click on “Use recommended performance settings.” Post this, select “Use hardware acceleration when possible entry” and tap on it. Finally, uncheck the small box to disable the option. Restart your browser and review if it gets fixed.

Method 4: Turn Off The Adblock

As an alternative method, you can choose this. Adblock is a helpful extension but remember that always stay aware of it because some website does not allow the user to use it.

  • To disable the Adblock, first of all, you have to start the Firefox browser in your system.
  • After that, select the icon Tools and then choose Add-ons.
  • Now, tap on Extensions option that is situated in the left-hand side of the screen.
  • Now, search the Adblock icon on the list of extensions.
  • At the final stage, select Disable and provisional disable it.

Method 5: Update Firefox

In case if none of the methods are workable for you then this is the last one that you can choose. Updating Firefox is the ultimate fix for you because an outdated version can shows various errors as well.

  • First, open the Firefox by double-tapping on the application.
  • After that, navigate to the right part of the screen and tap on the Help section.
  • Now, select About Firefox option and click on it.
  • As soon as the page opens it starts to download the available update immediately.
  • Keep waiting for some moments and restart your browser and device.

Expectedly, the above methods will be helpful for you as well. But in any case, if you find any sort of difficulties then do not waste your time and get in touch with us. Else you can also send your valuable feedback with us and leave a comment in the comment box.

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