An Ultimate Guide On How To Disable Chrome PDF Viewer: Amazing Solutions At Your Fingertips

The primary function of Chrome’s PDF Extension is to allow the user to open the PDF file. However, it locks the access of the other software such as Adobe Reader, and so on. As it has lack of features such as Bookmark, continue reading. If you want to read a long PDF for example eBooks, then also you need to disable the Chrome PDF viewer.

Many Google Chrome users have reported that they encounter this trouble, and hence they wanted to know how to disable chrome pdf viewer. Stay with this article, as here we discuss all the possible technique that can surely help you to get rid of from this trouble.

Possible Ways to disable Google Chrome PDF Viewer From 57 Version and Onwards

Well, the disabling process is easier for all the version which are lower than the 57. What you need to do is to go to the Plugin page. After that, you should type the comment ‘about plugins’ within the Google search box and press the Enter button. Now, you can easily disable the Google Chrome PDF viewer.

If you see that you are unable to open your Google Chrome plugin page, then you may use the Chrome version 57 and onwards. As within those versions, the plugin page may disable.

Moreover, there are other effective steps as well. Hence, have a look at the below in the mentioned steps to know the proper strategies for disabling the Chrome PDF viewer.

  • In the beginning, go to the home page of your computer and then open the Google Chrome browser. Now on the top right corner, you can see the More options button. Click on that and then select the Settings option on your Google Chrome.
  • After that, you need to Click on the Show advanced settings option.
  • A new page will open and from there you need to tap on the Privacy option. Under the Privacy section, you can see two option are there and from there you have to click on the Content Settings button.
  • Now the Content Setting page will open and you should scroll down below and find the PDF documents.  After that, uncheck the box that may locate beside the ‘Open PDF files in the default PDF viewer application’ and then click on the Done button to save the settings.

Finally, restart your computer to take the effect of these changes.

Other Possible Ways to Disable Google Chrome PDF Viewer From 60 Version and Onwards

As Google updated the latest version of Google Chrome, that means there is no particular choice for you to disable as well as enable the Google Chrome PDF viewer. By default, it is set to be enabled. In those cases, you have to change the settings from Chrome viewer to any other software. So, if you want to view your PDF to the other applications, then you need to set a default app on your computer. One common question that might arise in your mind and that is how you can set a default application on your machine. Well, in the given below sections you will get your answer. So concentrate on the remaining part.

  • At first, you should Find a PDF file from your File Explorer and once you have found it then right click on it.
  • After right clicking, you might get a lot of option, scroll down below till you see the Open with the option and then you need to choose another application.
  • Now highlighted that application that you may want to see to view your PDF files.
  • Post that tick on the Always use this app to open .pdf files button.
  • Now click OK and your changes now saved on your computer.

Restart your machine and now you can view your PDF reader to any application rather than the Google Chrome. Hope by now you have a clear idea about how to disable chrome pdf viewer.

How you can confirm that Google Chrome PDF Viewer is Disabled?

We believe with the help of the step by step guidance you can easily disable the Google Chrome viewer. No matter what may the version is. Now its time that you should make sure that the disabling procedure is completed. To confirm it. Simply you need to choose any PDF file and then open it. If it is open with the default software, that means your work is done.

Parting Word

So, this is all about how to disable Chrome pdf viewer. Undoubtedly, Google Chrome is a great tool which enables you to read the PDF without downloading. However, if you want more features, then you should try for another application that will give you additional features than Chrome. In case of any confusion or second thought, leave us feedback in the comment section below.

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