Easy Fixes To Apply If Taskbar Won’t Hide in Fullscreen Chrome

Though Google Chrome is the best free web browser at present, it also experiences some technicalities while using it. One common problem that users usually encounter is the Taskbar won’t hide in fullscreen Chrome. Basically, while playing a video on YouTube in full-screen mode, the video takes up the whole screen. But in this case, whenever you play a video, the Taskbar still shows on the screen and does not auto-hide.

By any chance, if you are also struggling with this issue, then you need a proper guideline to get rid of this error. Furthermore, keeping this in mind, we are going to discuss some important and effective hacks in order to remove this irritating issue. Hence, keep reading and learn the hacks.

Brilliant Hacks to Resolve the Taskbar Showing in Fullscreen

Several users encounter the problem where the Taskbar still shows on the screen while playing a YouTube video. It ruins the experience when you see all the icons along with blinking notification constantly.

Therefore, this article comes up with some effective solutions to resolve the problem. Here, in this article, we covered all the important hacks related to how to fix the Taskbar showing in fullscreen issue. Keep reading the hacks and apply them accordingly.

Method # 1: Restarting Explorer.exe

Explorer.exe is also known as a File Explorer. This is a GUI app which helps you to access your files from the system files. Without this, the whole computing experience might change on Windows.

An expert team will conclude that restarting the File Explorer might fix this annoying problem. Hence, to proceed, follow the below steps:

Step 1

To bring up the Run application, press the Windows key + R. After that, type ‘taskmgr’ in the Run box to launch the Task Manager.

Step 2

After that, click the Processes option which is placed on the top of the window.

Step 3

Then, search for the Windows Explorer from the list and next click the Restart button from the left side of the window.

Check whether the problem got resolved or not.

Method # 2: Overriding High DPI Scaling Behaviour in Chrome

With the help of the overriding high DPI scaling behavior in Chrome, you can fix the error.

  1. Open Chrome on your device and then right-click on it. After that, choose Properties option which is forth from the list appears.
  2. Then, head to the Compatibility tab and in next step go to the Settings option.
  3. In the Settings option, tick the box which corresponding to the message says Override high DPI scaling behavior’.
  4. To save the changes, click Apply and close the window.
  5. After that, restart the Google Chrome and check the problem’s status.

Method # 3: Disable Visual Effects

Windows visual effects and conflict with any program and force it to act in a strange way. Hence, try to turn off the visual effects and fix the problem. If applying the process does not help you, then you can turn it on again. To disable the option, perform the steps:

Step 1

Launch the Control Panel option and click the System and Security option.

Step 2

Once it opens, select the System option from the list and open it.

Step 3

After that, click the Advanced System Settings option from the left side of your Windows screen. A new tab will pop-up and then navigate to the Advanced tab option and click on it.

Step 4

Further, select Settings option which presents in the Category of Performance option.

Step 5

After that, check the box which says Adjust for performance and then presses OK button to apply the changes.

This will turn off all the graphics details. Lastly, restart the Google Chrome and check if the error gets resolved.

We believe that you will get a complete idea about the Taskbar won’t hide in fullscreen Chrome from this article. Also, the above methods are sufficient to eliminate the error. Finally, we recommended you to read the article carefully and apply them in order to fix the issue.

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