Fix The Outlook Connect Error 10060 | Quick Solutions

Microsoft Outlook has customers worldwide due to its high-end features. But sometimes, it also fails to perform the best. Some of the users face Outlook connect error 10060 and that takes a toll on their work pace. The error indicates that the Outlook fails to connect to the Outgoing SMTP Server. If you are facing the same problem, go through this article for a proper solution.

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Overview Of The Error:

The error mainly occurs due to the faulty connection between the Outlook and the outgoing SMTP server. When the error occurs, your system will start acting adversely. Likewise, the error 10060 can be the reason for the crashing of the active program Window. Most importantly, you will find the system, keyboard or mouse working very slow and the computer freezes frequently.  

Why Does Outlook Connect Error 10060 Happen?

The 10060 error message may come while you are installing a program. Again, if you are running a software program related to the Microsoft Corporation, then you can have this error message. After that, it may happen during the operating system installation as well as during starting and shutting down of Windows.

The reasons behind the Outlook error can be many. Likewise, if the installation of the Microsoft Outlook software is corrupted, then you may face the error. The virus can be another reason for this error. Again, if you delete the Microsoft Outlook-related files anyway, you can see the error code appears.

How To Fix The Error Code?

Here are some easy tricks that you can try to solve the error on your own. Follow the given steps to fix it up.

Step 1: Scan The System:

First of all, check if any malware or virus is affecting your computer or not. Scan the system to get rid of the malware. To scan the system, you can use any third-party antivirus. Alternatively, you can turn on the Windows Firewall to scan the system.

Step 2: Clean Up The Temporary Files:

After scanning the system, you can remove the temporary files. It also can cause the error. To delete the temporary files, press the key combination of Windows and R to open the Run Window. Type there, “temp” and enter. After that, you will get a Window full of temporary files. Select all and delete them.

Step 3: Update The Driver:

If you do not update the driver for a long time, then you may get the Outlook error message. It is always better to update the drivers after a certain period.

Step 4: Install All The Available Updates:

If the Outlook connects error 10060 is still appearing, you can install all the updates to erase the error. Microsoft improves all the systems of the Windows and gives update regularly. You need to install all of. Sometimes, it may resolve the issue. To install all the updates, go to the Start menu and search there for “updates.” Inside the “Windows Update” dialogue box, you will get all the updates. This step can help you remove the connect error 10060 Outlook.

Connect With The Technicians

Even after performing all these steps, if you fail to fix the Outlook connect error 10060, then you need the help of a technician. Call us as at our toll-free number  +1-888-796-4002 and let our Baba Support experts help you out. Alternatively, if you are unable to understand any instruction at any point, you can contact us. Our efficient engineers can provide you with useful guidelines. At the same time, if you need manual support, they can visit you also. Besides calling, we have the facilities of mailing and chatting. You can switch any of the communication platforms to contact us. Our mailing address is If you want reliable Outlook Support, connect with our Baba Support right away.

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