Window 10 Calculator Not Working? Feasible Solutions at Your Fingertips

With the advent of the latest Microsoft operating system, there have obviously been some changes in the settings and general design of the product. Undoubtedly, with every new launch, Microsoft has indeed set new standards with regard to innovative excellence feature-rich attributes. But with the latest launch of Microsoft, certain things have not gone too well. There are some users who have raised severe concerns on the issue of Windows 10 calculator not working. This, being the prominent issue of the latest Microsoft OS, has also emerged as an important subject of speculation. If you want to reap the benefits of upgrading to the newest versions, then it is essential to fix this error with appropriate solutions. But before we move on to the solutions, let’s discuss the causes due to which this issue occurs in Windows 10 PC.

Potential Causes Responsible for the Windows Calculator Not Working Issue:

As for the causes, there are many factors due to which this error appears in Windows 10. However, one of its fundamental causes is the defect with the registry files. That is to say,  the issue might creep up if in case, your registry files are found damaged or faulty. However, apart from these fundamental causes, there are many other factors responsible behind Windows 10 calculator not working.  For instance, another vital cause due to which the in-built calculator of Microsoft Windows10 version refuses to open is due to the conflict of the  UAC or User Account Control with the personal account of the users.

UAC often restricts some of the major application software from public access. It does this in order to enhance the security settings of the operating system. Because of the tight security system, the users are normally denied access to some of the software applications. And in case, the users wish to access any of these restricted applications,  they need to seek access from the administrator. Unless they do so, they will be denied to access.

Fix Windows 10 Calculator Not Working Problem With Easy Solutions:

Now that you have acquired enough insight into the major causes behind your Windows calculator not working, you can easily adopt proper remedial measures against the glitch. In case, you are not a tech-savvy person and wondering how to resolve the glitch, do not worry. In this article, we shall offer you feasible workarounds against this particular issue. So, drive away your doubts and fears and read this article thoroughly.

Fix 1: Reinstallation of Your Calculator

This is, in fact, the first and foremost solution for you. In most cases, almost all the major Windows 10  application enables the provision for direct uninstallation. However, not all applications have this facility. Calculators, for instance, do not have such a facility. However, in case you need to uninstall your calculator, you can do by means of a  PowerShell cmdlet. In case, you avail this strategy, you won’t have to uninstall the rest of your essential applications such as the Microsoft Edge or Cortana. In order to execute the process, follow the instructions listed below.

First and foremost, you will have to write PowerShell in your dialog box from the Start Menu bar. Once, you do this, right-press on the result section and choose the Run as Administrator option.

After you are done with the process, all you should do is copy and paste the line into PowerShell dialog box and press the Enter Key. Probably if you do this, the issue should get sorted. However, if you do not wish to install all the default applications of Windows 10, you can simply reinstall your calculator from Windows store, after its initial uninstallation.

Fix 2: Creation of a New Account

As one of the prominent causes for the error could be a faulty user account,  if your calculator fails to open, you can check whether there is a problem with your existing user account. And, in case you find any issue, resolving it by means of creating a new account is no such a big deal. Just follow the instructions mentioned below.

First of all, type the command Add User in the Search box and choose either Add, Remove Other Users or Edit among the given options in the result section. However, this step could get quite lengthy and time-consuming for you. Therefore, if you wish to avoid this method, you can adopt an alternative methodology. All you need to do is reach out to the Settings Page. From there, navigate to the Accounts section. And then, move on to the Family & other users. Under this section, you are going to find the going to find the option Add someone else to this PC. As soon as you are able to locate it, select this option.

Once done, you must choose the option  “I don’t have this person’s sign-in information.” After that, choose to Add a user without a Microsoft account option. After completion of this step, you must enter your username as well as the passcode of your local account. That’s it, your account creation process is now complete. After the creation of a new account, try using it and see whether the issue is fixed. Please ensure that things work well with your new account. If you can operate it properly, then only can you remove your previous account. However please do not forget to retain a duplicate copy of all your documents before removing your old account permanently.  

Fix 3: Conduct an SFC Scan

The above step should resolve your glitch, however, if things do not turn out as expected, don’t lose your hope. We have still better solutions for you. If you are still facing the Windows 10 calculator not working issue, you can conduct an SFC scan. Actually, at times, the issue triggers if your files are found damaged or corrupt. Under such cases, SFC scan an help you to fix the glitch. Cited below are the steps that you can follow to get rid of this error.

The foremost thing for you to do is to click on the Windows Key and X together. The moment you do so, the Win+X  menu bar is going to open up Following this, you must select the Command Prompt option from the result section. In case, you fail to locate the option or the Command Prompt option is not available, fear not, you may avail power Shell as your Admin instead.

Nonetheless, if you can access the Command Prompt option and it launches properly, you may then type  SFC/ scannow and press the Enter key.

In completion of the process, the SFC scan will begin. All you need to do meanwhile is wait patiently for the scanning to complete. This is going to take about 15 minutes. So you can’t afford to lose your patience until and unless you are through.

The issue of Windows calculator not working likely to get sorted after the successful completion of the scanning process. However, if it doesn’t, then move on to our next solution.

Fix 4: Try Installing the Updates That Go Missing 

This is by far the easiest of all the options. If none of the procedures mentioned above proves effective, then you can definitely deploy this method against the problem in question. Besides, installing the newest updates has often proved to be a standard fix against that particular problem. And so, you can easily try this out for the problem of Windows 10 calculator not working. Following are instructions that you must obey:

To begin the action, you must initialize the Settings Applications. For doing so, you have to click on the Windows Key +R simultaneously. This will open the Settings Application. Now, under this application,  you must locate the Update & security section.

Under this section, click on the Check for updates icon. Once you do this, the Windows will instantly begin checking for the updates that are available. In fact, the updates that are available will automatically get downloaded. All you must do after that is install the updates and check whether the issue still persists. If yes, then proceed to our next alternative solution.

FIx 4: Disable Your Firewall

If the issue of Windows calculator not working triggers up due to the firewall, then ensure that you have deactivated any other third-party firewall if at all present The steps to go about are stated as under:

Click on the Windows Key +S simultaneously in order to reach out to the Firewall. Once you are in, you must choose the  Windows firewall option from the result section. Now, on the left-hand side of the Firewall menubar, you are going to find the turn the Windows firewall on or off option. You need to simply press on the Yes option and move on to the next step. Following this, you must choose the option named Turn off Windows Firewall for both public as well as private network settings Then, press the OK button.

On completion of the above process, see whether the issue is sorted or not. In case, you find that the issue still persists, then you may enable it again. However, in case you consider re-enabling it,  you must create a security exception for your calculator application.

Fix 5: Try Enabling User Account Control

Despite trying out the above-mentioned measures, if you are still encountering the problem of Windows calculator not working, then you can try out the last alternative solution that we offer. This has indeed proved effective for many users. Furthermore, since the problem often occurs when the User Account Control is disabled, enabling the account seems a feasible solution indeed.

And executing this is not at all a difficult task. Just go through the steps listed below:

First and foremost, click on Windows Key +S simultaneously to get access to the User Account Control.  Once you enter into the account, you must choose the Change User Account Control settings option. Following this, you will have to navigate your pointer to its default position and press on the Ok button in order to save the modifications you just made.

That’s it, you are done. And now that you have enabled this feature, your glitch should be solved.

With so many solutions cited above, resolving the glitch should not be a problem for you. Therefore, you can try out these proven solutions and drive away the Windows 10 calculator not working issue once and for all. And if you are thinking these steps will be too difficult for you to follow, then you may shed your worries away. The measures we offered are not only tested but also easy-going for the users. Therefore, try out the solutions and get rid of windows calculator not working issue in no time

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