Fix Window Update 80072f8f With The Most Trusted Hacks

In the present ‘ world of technological advancements, our lives revolve around computers. And when we are so much in need of computers in our day to day discourse, it is also important that we take due care of its safety, security and overall optimization. This is why Windows Update is so essential. Windows Update helps you to download as well as install the latest updates, thereby, optimizing your computer system. However, during the execution of the Windows Update, one also encounters a number of errors and technical glitches. And among the errors most frequently faced by the users, Windows update error 80072f8f certainly deserves a mention.

Now, there are a number of causes responsible for the glitch. Nonetheless,  whatever may be the cause, such a Windows Update error is bound to lead you to complications. Therefore, we bring you out this article, where we present you a detailed transcription of the feasible solutions that you may apply in order to rid yourself of the glitch.

About Windows Update error 80072f8f

The code 80072f8f is by far one of the most commonly faced errors of Windows Update. The error under question normally indicates that something is essentially wrong with the Secure Sockets Layer or SSL connection in between the Microsoft Server as well and the Windows Update. Therefore, you are likely to confront the error code under discussion if more than one error is detected within the SSL certificate that your Server uses. Essentially speaking, Windows Update error code 80072f8f triggers only when the Windows fail to execute an update. Usually, the error pops up with a notification message stating “Your computer’s date and time appear to be out of sync with an updated certificate”. Thus whenever your Windows fail to perform an update and instead you receive such an error notification, you should realize that it is an indication of  Windows Update error 80072f8f.

Potential Factors Causing the Error Code 80072f8f

Now as per our word,  in this article we are going to offer you the workarounds for your problem. However, prior to that, it is essential that we shed some light upon the major causes responsible for the technical hitch. Knowing the causes behind the issue is indeed essential for you to be able to detect the problem right at its essential state of occurrence. Therefore, take a look at the fundamental causes.

Inaccurate Time and Date

Setting incorrect or inappropriate time and date may precipitate the error in question. Essentially speaking, when the time and date of your System fails to match up to the ones specified on the Windows Update Server, the SSL connectivity is going to get jeopardized or terminated, thereby triggering the Windows Update error 80072f8f.

Lack of the  Root Certificate Update

In case of the SSL certificate, you are using for the purpose of connecting the Microsoft Server is not authenticated or reliable, there might be connection failures. Therefore, if there is a lack of an authenticated or reliable authority certificate, you are most likely to encounter the error code 80072f8f.

Restriction of the SSL connection by  the Third-party Firewall

The Windows Update is pretty comfortable working with the inbuilt Windows Firewall, and therefore, you have speared the risk of internal conflicts. However, not quite the same accounts for the external third-party firewalls. With the Third-party firewalls, the situation is quite problematic. Actually, the security settings of some of the third- party firewalls might conflict with those the SSL of the Windows Update, further perpetuating the error.

Invalid Proxy Settings

Last but not least is the potential threat of harmful malware infections.  Indeed, some potentially harmful malware is capable of modifying or changing the connection settings, thereby generating SSL connection issues. Consequently, the Microsoft Server is going to terminate the connection as a whole.

Proven Fixes for Windows Update Error code 80072f8f at your Fingertips

So it is by no quite evident that there are actually endless causes behind the occurrence of the technical glitch in question. And quite obviously such a Window Update error leads you to a lot of complications. However not anymore. Your worries are now over. The glitch under discussion is undoubtedly troublesome, however not entirely irrevocable. Besides, resolving the error code is pretty simple. And in case you are looking for  top-notch solutions, in this section, we are all set to guide you through the most feasible solutions to the problem: Take a look below:

Methodology 1: Setting the Date and Time Correct

Since incorrect Setting of the System’s date and time is one of the prime causes behind the occurrence of the code 80072f8f, you can easily make amends for that by means of setting them correct. All you will have to do is sync the time and date of your System with those of the Microsoft Server. Mentioned below is an easy guide to do the same

  1. First and foremost, you should click on the Windows Key as well as the R key from your keyboard in order to launch the Run dialog box. When the Run Window pops up, you must feed in “timedate.cpl” and press on the Enter button in order to launch up the Date and Time Settings
  2. Once done, you should choose the Date and Time Tab and then press on the option entitled “  Change date and time.”
  3. Thereafter set the accurate date and ensure that the clock is also accurately set. Following this press on the OK button in order to save the changes you have made.
  4. Thereafter revert back on the Date and Time Window and press on the “Change time zone”  option. Also, you must ensure that you have selected the accurate UTC for your chosen location by availing the drop-down menu.  Thereafter, you must click on the box next to the option entitled “Automatically adjust clock for Daylight Saving Time” Thereafter press on the  OK button.

Additional Steps to Follow

  1. Revert back again to the Time and Date Window and navigate over to the tab named “Internet Time” and press on the “Change Setting” icon.
  2. Following you will have to check the box located next to the option named “Synchronize with an Internet time server.” Following this, using, set the server named  “” using the drop-down menu. Thereafter, click on the “Update Now” button. And wait patiently till the “Internet Time Settings” gets correctly updated.
  3. Lastly, you must press on the OK button in order to save the changes you have made as well as shut the Window.
  4. Note that on the successful completion  of all the steps mentioned, if the issue is sorted, then you shall receive a notification message confirming “The clock was successfully synchronized with“

Methodology 2: Examine the Invalid Proxy Settings Thoroughly

Since one of the potential causes triggering the error code 80072f8f is the invalid Proxy Settings,  in case you are availing a Proxy Server, try to deactivate it. Instead, reboot your System and try updating your Server afresh all over again. Go through the steps listed below in order to deactivate the Proxy Settings:

  • Right at the beginning click on the Windows Key as well as R  in order to initialize the Run dialog box and type the command “inetcpl.cpl” within the box. Thereafter, click on the Enter button in order to launch the  Internet Properties Window.
  • Following this, press on the “Connections” Tab.  Once done, next press on the LAN Settings
  • The moment you do this, you will find a box appearing under the Proxy Server. See whether the box is checked or not. If yes, then you should disable or uncheck it instantly and hit on OK.  
  • Thereafter, press on the Apply button under the “Internet Properties” menubar.
  • On successful execution of the entire process, you will just have to Restart your computer. Then try to avail theWindows Update and check whether Windows Update error 80072f8f is resolved or not.

Methodology 3: Try Installing the Root Certificate Update

Oftentimes, the Windows Update error code 80072f8f may simply pop up in case the root Certification Authority or the CA  goes missing. Therefore, in order to curb such problems, you can simply download and install some external third-party root certificates. Such certificates are distributed by means of certain Windows Root Certificate Program. Simply, the installation of the Root Certificate Update can effectively redress the error code in question. In order to perform the same, check out the instructions given below.

  • First and foremost, you need to reach out to the official link named  “ Microsoft Update Catalog link”. Once you are able to access the link, you need to look out for an official and authenticated  “root certificate update“. Thereafter, ensure that you have downloaded a package suitable to your Windows version.
  • Following this, you got to initialize the file that you have downloaded right now.
  • Thereafter, when the User Account Control Window appears,  press on the Yes button in order to give permissions.
  • Thereafter, you will simply have to reboot your  PC and access the Windows Update in order to check whether you are still receiving the code 80072f8fe

Methodology 4: Try Deactivating the Third-Party Firewall

Since one of the prime causes behind the occurrence of the Windows Update error code 80072f8f  is the conflict between the external third-party firewall and the Microsoft Server. Therefore, under such circumstances, you should deactivate the third-party firewall. And, essentially speaking, you can easily do this by means of applying the following strategy.

Deactivate the Firewall and terminate the Internal Conflicts

In case you wish to use the external third-party Firewall, you need to first deactivate the in-built firewall. To be able to do so,  perform the instructions given below

First and foremost, you need to click on the Windows Key as well as R from your Keyboard. Then as soon as the Run Dialog Box, you got to feed in the firewall.cpl  inside the Run Window

Following this, press on the option entitled “Turn Windows Defender Firewall on or off”. Lastly, you will have to deactivate it both for the Private as well as the Public Network Settings

Parting Words

With this, it’s time for us to wind up. We hope the article proves beneficial to you. By means of applying the strategies we mentioned above, you shall easily be able to rid yourself of the Windows Update error 80072f8f. Besides, the fixes we suggested are extremely easy-going and therefore, executing them shall not be a problem for you even if you are not that tech-savvy. Thus, don’t linger on with this Windows Update error. Try out the workarounds we proposed and resolve the glitch in no time.