Easy And Effortless Ways To Remove Error 0x80240031

Error 0x80240031 is one of the most common error code of the Windows OS and that’s why it may emerge into any version of Windows OS including the Window 10. This error code primarily appears in the Window OS during the update process. Most of the time, this error code is caused by some simple issues like an internet connection problem, server connectivity problems, insufficient space in the HDD of the user’s system, etc. However, in certain situations, the error code 0x80240031 is created due to some serious software issues. Now, if you one of those users who is encountering this error in their system, then follow this article to remove it with possible and easy techniques. Now, without wasting any time, let’s have a look at the major causes of this error code.

Main Causes Which Led to the Error 0x80240031:

In a system, there are many problematic factors that can create error 0x80240031 during the update process. In this section, we have provided some examples of those problematic factors, so have a look at them.

  1. Window update setting misconfigurations
  2. Interference of the Anti-virus and Windows Firewall
  3. Damage application files
  4. Interpretation from the Background running applications

Now, if you have identified all the possible causes of this error code, then let’s have a  look at is solutions.

Advanced Ways to Fix the Error 0x80240031:

There are many ways by which you can fix the error 0x80240031 on your system. But in order to get an effective result, you need to apply all the solutions in the correct manner. In this section, we have provided some of the best ways to remove the error code 0x80240031 from a system. Have a look at them and try to execute them as instructed.

Way 1: Use the Troubleshooter Tool

The first thing that you should use in order to remove this error code from your system is the Troubleshooter tool. This is an in-built error removal tool which can fix almost every Windows error without harming the system. Now, to run this tool on your system, follow the given steps.

  1. Press the Windows key + X key to launch the WinX menu. There you need to click on the Control Panel option to open up its window.
  2. Then, on the Control Panel window, type troubleshooter in the search box present on the top left of the window. An option labeled as troubleshooting will appear on the screen. Click on it.
  3. Now, in the Troubleshooter window, click on the Systems and Security option.
  4. The Systems and Security window will instantly come up on the screen. In that window, you need to select the Fix problems with Windows Update option.
  5. After this, a Troubleshooter window pop-up on the screen. There you have to hit on the Next button. This action will start an error identifying and resolving scan on your system.

It will take some time, so you need to keep some patience. Once the process is through, try to launch the Window update application again to check whether the error code is eliminated or not.

Way 2: Reset the Windows Update Application

The next thing you should try is the Windows update reset process. This thing helps the users rectify all the misconfiguration happens in the application due to some improper settings and third-party installation. To perform this reset method, follow the given instructions. But before doing that, uninstall all the third party anti-virus and malware applications from your system. Also, you need to disable the Window Firewall temporarily. After doing these things, you can begin the reset process.

  1. First, open up the WinX menu by pressing the Windows key + X key. Then, click on the Command Prompt ( Admin) option to launch the Command Prompt window with the Administrator permission.
  2. Now, on the Command Prompt window, type the following command lines and hit Enter key at the end of each one.

net stop wuauserv

net stop cryptSvc

net stop bits

ren C:\Windows\SoftwareDistribution SoftwareDistribution.old

ren C:\Windows\System32\catroot2 catroot2.old

net start wuauserv

net start cryptSvc

net start bits


Once you have done that, close everything and launch the Windows update application to check the existence of Windows 10 update error 0x80240031.

Way 3: Repair the Damage Files

Now, in some situations, the Windows update error 0x80240031 may occur on the user’s system due to damage application files issue. This issue primarily takes place during the OS update or the installation process of an update. On those moments, some update files are unable to get installed into the user’s system due to interpretation like internet problem, server issues, human mistakes, etc. And later on, those partly installed update files show the signs of a damaged file problem and creates a blockage issue during the upcoming update process. Now, in order to repair those files, you need to run some commands lines in the Common prompt. To know about them, follow the provided step.

  1. Open the Run dialog box by pressing the Window key + R key. Then, type” Cmd “ on the dialog box and hit the Ok button or Enter key.
  2. The Common prompt window will instantly appear on the screen. There you need to type sfc/scannow into it and then hit the Enter key.

After that, a damage files search and repair will start on your system. Once that process gets completed, reboot your system. After the system reboot, launch the  Common prompt window once more and type “dism /online /cleanup-image /restorehealth.” After that, press the Enter key. Now, restart the Windows update application to know about the presence of this error code.

Way 4: Perform a Clean Reboot

Sometimes, other applications and services which are running in the background might interfere with the Window update process and cause the Windows 10 update error 0x80240031. Now, to fix this issue, you need to close all those applications, services and perform a clean reboot on your system. To execute that task in a proper manner, you may try out the given instructions.

  1. Press the Windows key + R key to launch the Run dialog box. Then, type msconfig on that box and hit the OK button or Enter key.
  2. A pop window will appear on the screen. There you need to tap on the Services Tab.
  3. Inside that tab, you need to check the box beside the Hide all Microsoft Services and then hit the Disable All button.
  4. After that, tap on the Startup Tab and click on the Open Task manager link. This action will launch the Task Manager pop-up window on the screen
  5. In that window, you have to disable all the Startup applications and services.

Now, close the Task Manager window and hit the OK button the System Configuration window. Once you have done that, reboot your system and check for any traces of the Windows 10 update error 0x80240031.


We hope our solutions and suggestions are helpful to you regarding the error 0x80240031. For more tech-related information, keep following our upcoming articles.