Xbox 360 Nat Error | Easy Fixes To Get Rid Of It

If you can’t play online games on your Xbox 360 or if you can’t hear the other players in the game, you may be facing what is called a Network Address Translation (NAT) error. You can set the NAT settings on your Xbox 360 from open to moderate to strict. Depending on the settings you are using, there can be different solutions you can try to fix your Xbox 360 Nat error. In this article, we will go into the details of each solution. After going through them, you can fix this issue on your own.

Solutions To Fix Xbox 360 Nat Error

This NAT error has no single fix. So, here we have included all the possible solutions to this problem. You do not have to follow all of them. Just work your way down the list and find the solution that works for you.

Solution 1: Restore Your Xbox 360 Network To Factory Defaults

You may resolve your NAT issue by resetting your Xbox 360 network settings to its factory defaults. But, before doing that, make sure you note down the current settings somewhere, in case you need to restore them later. So, here’s how to restore to factory settings:

  1. Press the Guide button on your console’s controller.
  2. Select Settings> System Settings > Network Settings
  3. Select Wireless or Wired Network as per the network you are using.
  4. Select Configure Network. You’ll see the Additional Settings tab. Click on it and then select Restore to factory defaults.
  5. On the prompt asking for permission, Click Yes Restore to factory defaults.
  6. Turn Off and then turn On the console.
Test your live connection

Press the Guide button on your console. Select Settings> System Settings > Network Settings. Then select Wired Network or the name of your Wireless Network. Then select Test Xbox Live Connection.

If you are prompted to update the software of your console, Select Yes.

Solution 2: Turn On UPnP Of Your Router

In some cases, you may resolve your issues by refreshing the NAT table on your router. Go to your router’s website. If UPnP is already enabled, you need first to disable it, save the changes, then power cycle your router. After that turn back on your UPnP and save changes. Then, restart your console and router.

Then check your console’s live connection, as mentioned in Solution 1, to see if your issue resolves.

Solution 3: Enable Perimeter Network (DMZ) on your router

First, confirm that your Internet IP address is public. If it’s not, then contact your ISP for a public IP address.

Perimeter network or DMZ on your router removes network restrictions on the internet. While setting up a perimeter network, it’s crucial that you set up a Static IP address for your console.

Note: You must never use DMZ, UPnP and port forwarding settings simultaneously.

Solution 4: Use Port Forwarding

It might be your firewall which is blocking the connections with the Xbox live servers. You need to open certain network ports to fix this. To do that follow these steps:

  1. Open your browser and type the default IP address for your router.
  2. Enter the username and password.
  3. Go to your router’s configuration page.
  4. Open these ports:

Port 88 (UDP) and Port 80 (TCP)

Port 3074 (UDP and TCP)

Port 53 (UDP and TCP)

Then check your Xbox live connections by the process mentioned in solution1.

These are the methods with which you can fix your Xbox 360 NAT error. Using these methods, you can fix this error on your own. However, if you face any issue while trying to fix this error, do not hesitate to contact Xbox tech team for further support.

How To Fix Nat Error On Xbox 360 | For Further Support

You can contact them at their 24/7 toll-free Xbox helpline number +1-888-796-4002. The experts at Email Support will ensure that your issue gets the appropriate fixes. Thus, we provide the most reliable Xbox Support to help you out.

Online Chat Services for Xbox is another mode of communication that you can opt for. Place a text at the number given, and you will get professional support and proper solutions to your issue.

For any query on Xbox 360 NAT error, please mail at [email protected] The Xbox tech team will do the needful to make sure your issue gets resolved.

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