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Communication plays an essential role in any business. Data transmission via emails is the most effective way of exchanging information in today’s world. Considering the reliable and easy email application, Microsoft Outlook holds a higher position. But it’s functioning is often lagged behind by Outlook Error 0x80040119 that can pop up abruptly.

An Insight Into The Outlook Error 0x80040119

Mishandling the mail service by the beginners can make their Outlook account a little disorganized. As a result, the user may end up getting nothing but certain unexpected Outlook faults.

For instance, the most prevalent problem with the Outlook profile results in overgrown PST files. If the Outlook end-users don’t take proper measure for their Outlook PST files regularly, the Microsoft Outlook error 0x80040119 will pop up.

The data file of Outlook outgrows its size gradually unless you archive the Outlook attachments, inbox, and other old emails.

An oversized PST file is vulnerable to corruption and damage, thereby preventing the Outlook users from accessing the Outlook details. It is due to this that allowing an access can produce another set of errors in such a situation.

One such error that appears due to an oversized PST data file is the Outlook error 0x80040119.

Well, if that is the case with you as well, then here’s why the Outlook mail error may show up.

Reasons That Leads To Outlook error 0x80040119

The Outlook fault can occur while you tend to read, receive, deliver or remove emails from your account. The error can appear in any of the Outlook versions ranging from the year 2016 to 2000, etc.

There are certain indications of your Outlook profile being out of date. It can arise due to the crash of the currently running Window programs.

The Outlook error 0x80040119 can also tend to freeze your PC. As a result, your profile will remain inaccessible to view your mail.

The reasons triggering the Microsoft Outlook error 0x80040119 are given below:

  • Corrupted Outlook PST file
  • Overgrown data files of Outlook account
  • Incorrect configuration of the Outlook account settings.
  • Poor Internet connectivity in the Outlook mail server.
  • The appearance of the malicious files in the PC’s operating system.
  • Mistakenly removed Outlook files from the system and Windows registry damage are some the terrific causes of Outlook alert.

Ways To Remove Outlook error 0x80040119

Resolving the Outlook alert is not always a great deal. But sometimes certain additional errors make it even more troublesome.

Simply reinstall your MS Outlook profile and fix the corrupted PST data file with ScanPST.exe.

Next, launch the Outlook application in the Safe mode and deactivate the add-ins. Resolve the Windows registry entries relating to the Outlook error 0x80040119.

After that, troubleshoot the system to detect the presence of malware files. Then clean the system junk and upgrade the computer drivers.

Finally, restore your PC to initial state at which your Outlook profile was running well. Update the MS Windows Operating System accordingly and check if the same error prevails in your profile or not.

Get Reliable Assistance

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