Fixes For System Thread Exception Not Handled Windows 10

As everyone knows that Windows 10 is a very popular and widely used Operating System. However, some of its users fail to use their computer just after starting it up. It is a very common problem with Windows 10. Further, you can not boot your device. When you turn on your device, you see a blue screen error message saying “System Thread Exception Not Handled Windows 10” or “BSOD system_thread_exception_not_handled”. And it could occur any time while starting up the computer. So, here are several ways to fix this issue. Just keep reading this article properly.

Causes Of System Thread Exception Not Handled Windows 10

The main causes of this error are:

  • Outdated drivers.
  • Incompletable programs.
  • Incorrectly configured Device.
  • A recently installed program.
  • Incomplete installation of software.
  • Invalid or corrupted video drivers (VGA).

How To Fix System Thread Exception Not Handled Windows 10

To solve the BSOD or System Thread Exception Not Handled issue, follow the steps given below:

Method 1: Update The Driver

A faulty Graphics Card and drivers can cause this error. If the driver is in the fault or conflict with another driver, then you can follow these steps:

  • Press Window key and R at the same time from the keyboard to invoke the Run dialog box.
  • In the search field, type ‘cmd’ and press Enter.
  • In the command section, type ‘eventvwr’ and hit Enter.
  • Expand Windows Logs and select the System option.
  • After that, click on the Source tab. Now, you can see which driver is causing this problem.
  • After knowing the driver, just update it.

Or you can simply download the latest version of the drivers. You can also update the drivers manually.

Update Drivers Manually

If no driver update is found, then you have to manually do the task. For manually updating drivers, just perform the following steps:

  • At first, click on the Windows button.
  • In the search box, type ‘device manager’ and hit Enter.
  • Right click on the device you want to update and select the Update Driver option.
  • After that, click on the ‘Browse my computer for driver software’ option.
  • Then, select the Browse option.
  • And after that, select the main content folder you want to extract in the browser address space.
  • Click on the OK button.
  • After that, check the sub-folders that allow the wizard to find the correct files with the instructions to update the driver.
  • At last, click on the Next button.

After completing this above steps the newer version of the driver will be automatically updated.

Update Graphics Drivers On Windows 10

While it is typically not recommended to update drivers unless it is necessary. So, first, check if it is necessary to update the Graphics Driver. At first, you have to install the Graphics Card for that. Then, check if any driver update is necessary or not. You can download the Graphics Driver directly from the official websites. So, whenever you update the recommended video card or graphics card also download the appropriate hardware drivers.

Method 2: Check The BIOS Update

The BIOS (Basic Input Output System) conflicts interrupt the system. So to overcome this problem, you have to update the BIOS. To update it, you have to go to the manufacturer’s website of the motherboard and check for the BIOS update. Before updating, you have to know the model number and product name of the motherboard.

Here, we mentioned some steps by which you can find the model number of the motherboard.

  • Press Window key and R at the same time from the keyboard.
  • In the Run command box, type ‘cmd’ and press Enter.
  • In the Command Prompt type, “wmic baseboard get the manufacturer, product”.
  • Then, you will get the model number of the motherboard.

BIOS files are either of .zip or .exe format. Installation of the BIOS is a little bit complicated. You just have to follow the instruction to update BIOS.

Installation Instruction

  • At first, go to the official website to download the BIOS file. Download and save the files in the hard drive.
  • Run the BIOS Update Utility from the Windows Environment.
  • Locate the downloaded file and open it.
  • The Windows system will automatically restart and update the BIOS.
  • After updating the BIOS, your system will auto reboot.
  • Then, run the updated BIOS in the DOS Environment.

Method 3: Check The Hardware Capability

Slow hardware or incompatible drivers also be the causes of this error. The blue screen error can result from the old version of Windows 10. So, at first, update it and check if there is any incompatible hardware installed or not.

Method 4: Check And Repair The Faulty System Files

The corrupted files can be the causes of this issue. To overcome this problem, you can use the CHKDSK command line. To do it:

  • At first, press the Windows logo key+ X to open the Command Prompt.
  • Then, type the command CHKDSK C: /F /R and hit the Enter key.
  • By entering this command, your PC will find and repair the corrupted files in the system.

This might take some time. Just wait until the work is finished.

Method 5: Uninstall All the Recently Installed Programs

If you are facing this error just after installing some new programs. Then, this problem can occur due to these programs you have recently installed. To troubleshoot this error, you just have to perform a clean boot of the system. Also, you can delete or disable these programs temporarily.


The above article gives you a brief idea about this blue screen error. Hopefully, the article will help you to fix the System Thread Exception Not Handled Windows 10. If you have any question regarding this problem, then feel free to ask it in the comment section below.

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