Fix Windows 10 Store Error 0x80073cf9 Effectively Without Any Technical Hassle

Generally, error 0x80073cf9 occurs when the Windows 10 store fails to update the applications via Store. Moreover, the apps start to lag if you want to access it and even stops to respond after a certain time. However, we are going to discuss the crucial steps to overcome this annoying issue permanently in this article. So follow this article carefully in order to eliminate this technical glitch.

Significant Issues for “Code: 0x80073cf9”

There are lots of major reasons responsible for the Windows 10 Store error.

  • System file corruption sometimes creates the 0x80073cf9 error.
  • Full of store cache is one of the reasons behind this annoying issue.
  • Windows Firewall protection and malware issue both are another critical issue behind the “Code: 0x80073cf9”.
  • Wired connection problem causes the Windows Store app issue very effectively,

Fix 0x80073cf9 Error with a Few Technical Ways:

Some of the effective technical ways help to fix the 0x80073cf9 issue quickly, So, you might try out them to resolve this critical error.

Method 1: Repair System File

  1. Type “cmd” in the Cortana Search box and locate the Command Prompt from the Start menu.
  2. After that, right-click on the Command Prompt and choose the Run as Administrator. Now, enter the Admin username and correct passcode to authenticate the account by tapping the Verify button
  3. After opening the Command Prompt window, type “sfc/scannow” and run it by hitting the Enter key from the keyboard.
  4. Next, it will start to run automatically and wait until it shows the corrupted files. Then, it will repair them accordingly.
  5. When done, restart the system and check whether the 0x80073cf9 Windows 10 got fixed or not.

Method 2: Clean Windows 10 Store Cache

  1. Click on the Start menu and choose Run from the Start menu items.
  2. Type “WSReset.exe” in the Run dialog box and execute it by hitting the Enter key or tapping the OK button.
  3. However, you can see the Command Prompt window and Windows Store window on the desktop screen after a couple of minutes. It indicates that the Windows 10 Store cache is empty and no installed apps you can see inside this App Store.

Method 3: Sync Licences

  1. Open the Windows Store window by tapping on the Window Store icon.
  2. After that, click on the App Updates from the resultant window.
  3. Next, tap on the Sync Licenses Here option and wait until the job is finished.
  4. When done, restart the Windows 8 or Windows 10 device and try to perform the app installation process. Now, verify the same issue still persists or not.

Method 4: Create AppReadiness Folder

  1. Press the Windows key and type “c:\Windows\” in the Cortana search box. Now, press the Enter key to open the Windows folder inside the C drive.
  2. Now, locate the AppReadiness folder from the Windows folder. If it is not found inside the Windows, then you might create a new one.
  3. Right-click on the blank area of the window. Choose New from the pop-up appeared on the screen.
  4. After that, select the Folder option from the sub-menu and create a folder. Save the folder by entering the name as AppReadiness in the folder name box.
  5. After creating the folder, restart the PC and try to access the Windows 10 Store to check whether the 0x80073cf9 is resolved or not.

Method 5: Scan Malware

  1. Download antivirus software from a trustable website and save the downloaded file on the desktop.
  2. After that, double-click on the folder and choose the System Security installation file from that list.
  3. Next, open the antivirus window by tapping on its specific icon. Choose the Settings tab from the screen.
  4. Now, click on the Scan for virus or Scan tab from the next window.
  5. Choose either Full Scan or Quick Scan from the Scan Type section. If you choose the Full Scan, it will scan the entire system and identify the harmful worms from your PC. However, you can also select the Quick Scan option for a scan the Malware quickly.
  6. It will take a few minutes to identify the malware and virus infected files. When done, tap on the disinfect button to remove the threats permanently.
  7. When done restart the system and open the Windows Store to download a new application to verify whether the error code 0x80073cf9 Windows 10 occurs on the screen or not.

Method 6: Reinstall Windows Store

  1. Click on the Start button from the bottom left corner of the desktop.
  2. Type “cmd” in the search box and locate it from the various menu appears on the Start menu and right-click on it.
  3. Choose Run as Administrator to launch the Command Prompt in Admin mode. Enter the correct Admin name and passcode to authenticate the account.
  4. After opening the Command Prompt in Administrator mode, type the Powershell command “Get-AppxPackage -AllUsers| For each {Add-AppxPackage -DisableDevelopmentMode -Register “$($_.InstallLocation)\AppXManifest.xml”
  5. It will take a few minutes to run and complete the Windows Store uninstallation program automatically. Thus, you can fix the 0x80073cf9 error quickly.

Method 7: Remove Problematic Apps

  1. “Type “control” in the search box and open the Control Panel window by hitting the Enter key from the keyboard.
  2. Next, click on the Programs & Features menu item among the list of programs.
  3. Now, select Uninstall a program and go to the next window where you can see a list of installed software.
  4. Select the apps which are recently installed and right-click on them one after another. Choose the Uninstall option from the pop-up menu.
  5. Confirm the apps uninstallation process by tapping the YES button from the confirmation dialog box. The entire process will take a few minutes to complete the process.
  6. When done, reboot the device and check whether the 0x80073cf9 Windows 10 issue got fixed or not by installing an app from the Windows 10 Store.
  7. If it is fixed, then re-install those deleted apps from the Windows App Store.

Method 8: Disable the Windows Firewall

  1. Type “firewall” in the search box and launch the Windows Firewall Settings window by pressing the Enter key from the keyboard.
  2. Next, check the Windows Firewall Status from the Firewall tab from the left panel of the resultant window.
  3. Now, verify the User Account by tapping the YES button from the User Account warning message appears on the screen.
  4. Then, set the Firewall Status as Disabled by navigating the Firewall sider to the OFF position from its enable status. Make sure that you have turned off both of the Public and Private Network Settings.
  5. After that, confirm it by tapping the OK button and when done, close all the active windows appeared on the screen.
  6. Reboot the system and verify whether code: 0x80073cf9 still persists or not.

Method 9: Give Windows Store Access Permission

  1. Type “control’ in the search box. Now, open the Control Panel window by tapping the Ok button.
  2. After that, go to the Appearance and Personalization section.
  3. Next, click on the Folder option from the next window. Click on the View from the menu tab and choose Advanced Settings from the drop-down list.
  4. Here, you will get another option Show hidden files, folders and drives and tap on it. Hit the OK button to confirm.
  5. Then, locate the App Repository folder from the C drive and right-click on it.
  6. Choose Properties from the appeared pop-up menu. Click on the Security tab from the Properties window.
  7. Next, click on the Advanced button and agree with the option “Continue and Allow Full System Access to ALL APPLICATION PACKAGES and SYSTEM” by placing a tick on that specific checkbox.
  8. Close the Properties window and relaunch the Windows Store to check whether the same issue persists or not.

Method 10: Create AUInstallAgent

  1. Click on the Desktop icon from the left corner of the taskbar and launch all the app window on Desktop.
  2. After that, double-click on the My Computer icon or This PC icon from the desktop window.
  3. Now, open the partition where you have installed the Windows 8 or Windows 8.1 and Windows 10.
  4. Next, double-tap on the Windows folder and open it to check whether the AUInstallAgent folder is already created or not. If t is not displayed, then right-click on the Windows directory.
  5. Now, choose New Folder option and give the name “AUInstallAgent”. Then, save that folder inside the Windows folder.
  6. After creating the folder, restart the device and check whether the 0x80073cf9 error persists or not.

Method 11: Run the Windows Store Troubleshooter

  1. Press the Windows key and choose the Settings from the menu appeared on the list.
  2. After that, click the Update & Security from the Settings window and click on it to launch.
  3. Now, go to the Troubleshooter section from the resultant window and choose the Windows Apps. Make sure that you have selected all the corrupted application programs from the Store.
  4. Now, run the Troubleshooter and wait until it repairs the corrupted disk and system files. It will take a couple of minutes to complete the entire process.

Method 12: Switch to Wireless Connection

  1. Open the Control Panel window. Now, go to the Network and internet section from the list of the programs appeared on the screen.
  2. Next, click on the Network and Sharing Center to open the Network settings window.
  3. Click on the Change Adapter Settings from the left panel of the resultant window.
  4. Now, choose the Ethernet Cable connection from the list of available devices and right-click on it.
  5. Select the Disable option and let it remove from that list. Also, disconnect the wired connection from your device.
  6. Then, close the window and type “ncpa.cpl” in the search box and hit the Enter key to launch the Network & Sharing Center again. Turn on the router device which you want to connect for network connection.
  7. Choose the wireless connection icon and right-click on it. Click on the Enable option from the pop-up menu. If the connection is not available, then refresh the page and check whether you get the connection or not.
  8. When done, verify the WiFi signal from the bottom-right corner of the desktop whether its steady or not.
  9. Finally, try to launch an app via the Windows 10 Store and verify whether the same problem persists or not.

Final Takeaway

In the above article, we have discussed the process of how to fix the 0x80073cf9 error effectively. Moreover, we have defined the significant reasons for this annoying issue. Besides this, we have analyzed the possible symptoms that you can see at the initial stage of the App installation program from the Windows 10 Store So, we hope this content will help you to tackle this severe issue very efficiently and quickly without any technical hassle.