Kodak Printer Error Code 3527 | Easy Fixes With Baba Support

Kodak is one of the leading technology companies that is known for producing imaging products. It also develops printers, enterprise Inkjet systems, Micro 3D Printing & Packaging, and Consumer Film. Due to its high-speed and amazing features, many people prefer Kodak printer than other printing brands. There are some technical glitches as well related to Kodak printers. Kodak printer error code 3527 is one of the common problems users come up with.

If you’re using a Kodak printer and also having any trouble while printing, then your printer may be causing this error. Not to worry, you can solve this issue with the correct solutions mentioned in this article.

What Causes Kodak Printer Error Code 3527?

Error code 3527 on Kodak printer are quite troublesome. Mostly, the users experience the Kodak printer error code 3527 when the printer has a head carriage jam error. When someone gets the ‘Carriage Jam’ or ‘Carriage Blocked’ error message on his/her desktop or printer screen, this error occurs. Thus, it is not possible to print, scan, copy or fax function.

You may face this error message due to the paper jam in one or many locations inside the printer. For that reason, you’ll see that the printing stops unexpectedly. Also, there can be other issues such as a broken sensor or sensor lever, fag errors which may generate this error code.

Fix Error Code 3527 On Kodak Printer | Best Troubleshooting Steps

You should clear the carriage jam of the printer to fix the Kodak printer error code 3527. With the help of exact troubleshooting resolutions, you can solve this error with ease. Follow the steps below to fix this error efficiently:

1. Remove The Ink Cartridges

  • When the error appears on the printer’s control panel or the desktop monitor, then click Cancel and remove the error prompt. Now download and install the latest firmware version for your printer from the internet.
  • You can upgrade the firmware by pressing the Home button on the Kodak printer Control Panel. Then select the Maintenance tab and after that press OK button.
  • Next, click on the ‘Install Ink Cartridges’ option and then click on OK. Go through the instructions on the control panel.
  • When the installation is complete, insert the black ink cartridge into the printhead. You have to press it down firmly until you hear it click in the right position.
  • Similarly, insert the color ink cartridge inside the printer. Firmly press down the cartridge in the correct position.
  • After inserting the cartridges, close the printer access door and press OK. It’ll erase the error in the printer. At last, make a print to see the result.

2. Alternate Solution

If the previous method doesn’t solve your printer issue, then you can try this troubleshooting method to fix it.

First, take a piece of cardstock or similar paper and slide it through the paper path. You need to do this while the printer is off and slide the paper in the direction it will generally feed in the paper path. Then you can turn over the printer and shake it carefully. After that, return the printer in normal position and turn it on. If there is dust or any small piece of paper blocking the sensor, then you can solve it using this method as well.

Need Further Assistance? Contact Baba Support

Using the above methods you can rectify the problem regarding Kodak printer error code 3527. If the above solutions didn’t work well for you, then feel free to contact our BABA Support team for an extensive Kodak Printer Support. BABA support has extended exclusive best-in-class affordable services for Kodak. So, reach us in the first instance and resolve Kodak problem with our BABA Support Team. We always look forward to providing the best solutions to our customers.

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