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How does it feel when all of a sudden you face problems with your laptop? Irritating, right! And the most common error is that the mousepad of the laptop is not working. It totally decreases the usability of a laptop. Lenovo laptop introduces more issues with its mousepad as compared to other laptops. On that note, you do not need to bother if Mouse Pad on Lenovo Laptop Not Working issue comes up. It can be resolved easily.  

With more portability and functionality, a laptop is more convenient to use compared to desktop. A regular mouse of a desktop is now replaced by a mousepad in a laptop. But if mouse pad does not respond properly then it automatically decreases the functionality of a laptop.

In general, Lenovo laptop users have complained several times like “Why is my mouse pad not working on my Lenovo laptop”. To answer this question, there is a list of solutions which will help you to fix the functionality of laptop mousepad.

Mouse Pad on Lenovo Laptop Not Working

Solutions to Mouse Pad on Lenovo Laptop Not Working:

  • Operating system not responding: You first need to check whether the operating system is responding or not. It may be a cause that the laptop is freezing which means that it does not respond even if you are giving an input. In such cases, you are unable to access the mousepad of that laptop.

        In this case, restart your laptop to check if the problem is solved or not.

  • Check if you have disabled the mouse pad: Every laptop has function key (Fn) combinations to enable or disable the mousepad. It can be a case where you might have pressed the disabled button. To solve this issue try following combinations :
  1. Fn + F6
  2. Fn + F9
  3. Fn + F12
  4. Fn + F5

For Lenovo laptop, you can solve the problem by this process easily.

External devices: Sometimes, external input devices automatically disable the mousepad when connected. To troubleshoot this problem, you can either turn off the laptop first or disconnect all external devices and then restart the laptop.

Mouse Pad On Lenovo Laptop Not Working: Some Alternative Solutions

  • Reboot your laptop: To interpret the issue, you can remove your battery for a while. After some time, you can re-attach the battery and start the laptop.
  • Check mouse settings: You can connect an external mouse to your USB port of the laptop to troubleshoot the mouse settings. You can fix it by following the steps:
  1. Open windows control panel
  2. Now locate the mouse pad settings and make sure you have also checked the option to enable the mousepad.
  • Check device manager: If the mouse pad is not working properly, then you can check it Device Manager. It tells the detailed information about any hardware issues.
  • Update drivers: You can reinstall the mouse pad drivers. Just download the updated mouse pad drivers from Lenovo’s website and install it quickly to get it resolved.
  • Check the BIOS setup: You must check the BIOS configuration. You can use your keyboard arrows to check the settings. Check the hardware device settings and if the mouse pad is disabled somehow then make sure you enable it. After this step, you need to restart your laptop.

It is frustrating when you can not access your laptop accurately. After all, everyone wants to enjoy using a laptop in a fast and secure way. Just follow the above-mentioned steps to troubleshoot the problem with the mousepad and get the hassle-free solutions.

Always remember one thing that “You never work for the machine, the machine works for you.”

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