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Almost every laptop brands provide inbuilt camera option. Similarly, Apple’s every Mac comes with inbuilt camera widely known as a Facetime came, and the older version is known as iSight. It tends to work fine in iMac as well as MacBook Pro and so on. However, an annoying error may sometimes knock at your door, which might make you feel like a hardware failure. When you try to connect your inbuilt camera, it shows a black screen with a camera logo cut through message Mac Camera Not Working

When you encounter this error message, this is nothing to do with the hardware issues. Most of the common reason could be using multiple apps, such as iChat, messengers, or other application. There could be some reasons might be misbehaving behind Mac Webcam Not Working error. It also an undeniable fact, it could sometimes be hardware or mechanical issue. In that case, you can connect with customer support for Apple Mac for a speedy relief.

camera not working on mac

First Thing to check when built in Camera not working on Mac

Before going to troubleshoot your machine, you need to check the basic things. As this could due to be generic Camera bugs. Try other application to make sure the issue is application specific or not. You can also use iChat, PhotoBooth to validate the problem. Try other accounts to make sure the matter is not user specific. Also, try whether the camera is active or not in some other applications.

Fix Mac Camera Not Working In Simple Steps

If you have already validated all the possibilities and found no glitch on that part, all you need to do is move towards troubleshooting. In case you are not tech savvy then you can contact support service for Mac. They are sure to resolve the issue in just a flicker of time.

Force Stop FaceTime Camera Using Command Line

After conducting the basic test, if the problem persists then, it means you need to quit the application altogether. To do so, first left all the running application using the face time camera. Now go to the launchpad and then go to the terminal. At the terminal window enter the command sudo kill all VDCAssistant. Now you should not face the problem anymore. Reboot the system and launch the camera.

Reboot the System to fix the Issue

In most of the cases, rebooting the system resolves the error. It may hamper your ongoing work. Still, it’s worth trying. Try a force reboot, and you might address the issue. Due to any particular reason, if you are unable to reboot your system, we can help you there and show you alternative ways to boot the system and resolve the issue.

Other Tricks

After all, these, if the face time camera still not working then it may be due to some internal issues. Again close all the application that might use the camera. But this time uses activity monitor system to close the task altogether. You can also check the browser if any web is using the camera. Close all the tabs and deactivate network temporarily. Then try to launch the camera. This time you should not face the issue.

mac camera not working

Resolve Camera Not working On Mac With BabaSupport 

Failing to resolve the issue on your own? Bring certainty to the problem. The Tech experts can solve all the mac camera, not working issues. So call technical BabaSupport team for Apple Mac Support on the toll-free number: +1-888-796-4002  or chat with certified tech experts the moment you face.