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With the increasing malware attacks, your first priority should be preventing your computer from getting affected. You must be using your computer in order to store important data like bank details, business information etc. It would be a genuine issue if you lose personal information and other essential data due to virus attack. Therefore, you have to make sure that you are using a reliable antivirus software that keeps your system secure from the virus attacks. Talking about the anti-virus tool, Malwarebytes is one of the top names. However, Malwarebytes unable to connect the service is one of the greatest issues that users have reported nowadays.

Malwarebytes is quite useful as users can use the trial version of the tool free of cost.  Apart from the features, Malwarebytes has also some glitches. One of the most common issues that users are encountering is Malwarebytes unable to start. The problem mainly occurs due to some conflicts in the registry files and also because of an outdated version of the antivirus software. For easy troubleshooting, you can go through this article and see if you can solve the issue by yourself.

Probable Causes For The Malwarebytes Unable To Connect The Service

As we mentioned above, Malwarebytes also has some errors. Here we have listed down some of the common issues for the Malwarebytes unable to start.

  • Sometimes corrupted Malwarebytes files can be the reason behind the issue. The problem generally appears due to the virus attack or conflict in the system registry files.
  • In case, your antivirus system is out of date, then the chances for the specific error increases.
  • If your Malwarebytes service is not working correctly, then this can cause to Malwarebytes unable to connect the service.

Instant fixes for Malwarebytes unable to start

These are tested and tried solutions to this issue. You can try the steps as follows:

Method -1 Check to see if there is something wrong with Malwarebytes service

Make sure if the Malwarebytes service is activated. Sometimes, the services often get turned off, and this will be the reason for the issue. Follow the steps to turn on the Malwarebytes service. First of all, you have to type service.msc and click enter. Now locate the Malwarebytes service and select the properties. Here you can change the service setting.

Method-2 Upgrade Antivirus program

Make sure that you are not using an outdated antivirus program. In this case, you need to update your antivirus software with the current version.

After trying these steps, if you are still unable to resolve your issue for Malwarebytes unable to connect the service,  then you can connect to our Technical support team as well. They will help you out with an instant and proper solution.

Get in touch with us for further assistance

We have a team of professionals having years of experience and they can troubleshoot your issues in no time. You can reach us via our Antivirus Support.

In case, you are not comfortable talking to our experts, then drop us a mail with addressing your queries. Our experts will get back to you shortly with correct solutions. You can also have a real-time chat with our technical experts via our live chat portal.

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