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In any gadget, maintenance is important. If you want to high-quality printing from your printer, make sure you maintain your printer well and always keep a clean printer head. Printers, especially inkjets from Epson, break down easily if they are not taken proper care of. Printheads, of all the parts in a printer, requires regular maintenance.

You can either keep the Epson printer head clean yourself, or you can call our experts for the maintenance of printhead. All you have to do is call at our Epson printer customer care and place a request for maintenance and repair. We will send a technician right at your doorstep for cleaning the printhead of your Epson printer.

Why You Need A Clean Printer Head

No matter what cartridges you use, it will have the dried ink and clogged nozzles. There could be a few reasons for the clogged printhead. If you keep pushing your cartridge even after the low ink warning, not turning off your printer or not using it often can cause the printhead to clog.

If not addressed properly, this issue can elevate and cause some serious issues in your printer. It can also result in a complete breakdown of your device. And that’s why it is important that you regularly maintain and keep printer head clean.

How To Clean Epson Printer Head

There are a few tips on how to clean a printer head Epson. You can do that in a few different ways.

  1. With the printhead cleaning cycles-  Epson printers come with a very systematic cleaning cycle.  One or two rounds of the cleaning cycle will clean the printheads of the Epson printer.
  • Click the home button, go to setup and then maintenance.
  • Click on printhead nozzle check.
  • You will see a page with four coloured grid to show which nozzle is blocked.
  • If you see no gaps, select done.
  • If there are gaps, go to clean printheads and continue.Clean Printer Head
  1. Cleaning Sponges With Distilled Water- before you start this step, make sure your printer is powered off and the cable is disconnected from the power source.
  • Open the top and the printhead assembly will be visible.
  • You will see a small plastic lever popped up to the left side of the Assembly.
  • Move it forward and then down for releasing the printhead.  
  • Push it right till it clicks, it will completely release the assembly. Push it to the side.
  • If there is no lever, print with the top open. When the assembly reaches the centre, unplug the printer. This will unlock the assembly.
  • Sponges store the ink from cartridges in the carriage. You will be able to see them.
  • Use distilled water or Windex solution with a plastic syringe or eye dropper for saturating the sponge.
  • Move the assembly back, after cleaning, over the sponges. Move them as far right as it goes.
  • Let it rest for at least fifteen minutes. You can leave it overnight for a better outcome.

If the problem still persists, try cleaning the printhead with paper towels.

Avail Our Epson Printer Support to Clean Printer Head

Clean Printer Head

If your printhead is still clogged and you are not able to clean it, give us a call on our Epson Printer Support toll-free number: +1-866-640-5516. Our technicians will clean the Epson printhead at your home in no time. They are skilled and knowledgeable. They will be able to try more technical and complicated cleaning techniques that will clean the printheads for sure, making your printer to run smoothly.  

You can also mail us regarding your problems with printer head at our Email ID. Be it calling, emailing or chatting with our experts, we are sure to deliver you solutions in clear, precise, and easy ways.