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You often experience printer error code when you upgrade Windows XP or Vista to Windows 7. The new operating system eliminates the use of the HKEY_CURRENT_CONFIG or Software key in the registry settings and you face printer error.

Here is some method to resolve this problem. Make sure that the connectivity between the computer and the printer is secure. Go through this article. You would be definitely able to solve your problem. Or you can contact us, we recognize your problem and give the best solution for our customers.

printer error code 20

What causes printer error code 20?

There are many reasons which cause printer error code 20. You may face problems when

  1. Your printer is not set to default.
  2. Your printer drivers are missing or corrupted.
  3. The Windows registry is corrupted.
  4. Your computer has been infected with a virus.


How to fix printer not activated error code 20?

You must know how to fix printer not activated error code 20. Make sure that the connectivity between the computer and the printer is secure and their operating system has not been corrupted in any way. Always ensure to choose the right printer.

  1. Create a registry backup: To create a registry backup first go into the registry editor. Then select “computer” in the left pane and then click “file”, “export” and save it.
  2. Create a system restore point: first, click on the button and find system restore. Select the option”create a restore point”. Once a system properties window appears, find and enable “protection settings” on your local disk C. Click on “configure” if the function is disabled and then set the protection. Now click on “apply” and “ok”.

There are two methods for this process.

  1. This method focuses on repairing the Quickbooks program. Remove the application and reinstall it.
  • Enter the control panel programs and features and locate the software.
  • Then click “uninstall” and then download the proper version of Quickbooks compatible with the operating system.
  • After the reinstallation, the program, and the printer should work again.

If you encounter some problems which state that the uninstallation could not be completed because some files are missing, use system security applications.

  1. This method based on two options of how to renew the registry key manually. Follow the given guidelines to perform this method-
  • Enter the registry editor: Firstly, press “start” button and type “regedit”. Then right-click on it and select ”run as administrator”.
  • Find HKEY_CURRENT_CONFIG:  In HKEY_CURRENT_CONFIG you can locate software folder. Right-click on it and choose “permissions.” After the new window emerges finish by clicking “ok.”  Exit the registry editor.
  1. Run a Virus Scan: If a virus infects your system, then it can corrupt important files and services, adversely affecting the overall functionality of your system. To avoid this problem obviously run a full scan of your system. By doing this process scanner will be able to detect, locate and remove any viruses on your system. Install an antivirus tool on your computer.
  2. Set your printer to default: The most important reason for error code 20 is that users select wrong printers to print their documents. That is why it is very important to set your printer as default. To set your printer default do the following process-
  • First, boot into your computer with administrative rights.
  • Press Windows + R and type control printers and then click “ok”.
  • Now right click on your printer and select set as default printer.
  • Then double-click on the printer and select properties.
  • Click on “print test page” when printer properties applet appears.


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